Pilates and Runners: Union Is Strength

From HowStuffWorks we are in favour of combining different sports disciplines to maximize our results, and in this case we will talk of the benefits we get the runners if we also work with the Pilates method: union is strength.

It is clear that if what you want is to run faster and better, you have to do is run; but it is not more to include another type of exercise that complements our training. For lower strength training, either in the gym or outdoors can come us great, but let’s not forget the Pilates to strengthen legs and core.

On the one hand, through the method Pilates will strengthen our central area or Powerhouse: our core, which includes straight transverse abdominal, abdominal, oblique and lumbar spinal erectores (among others) acts during the race as a stabilizer and makes us to be more efficient in the gesture of career.

A weak abdomen will force us to take a posture, by tilting the back forward and creating a lumbar overload that will keep us from continuing with the race last time in the worst cases. If you suffer back running pain is very possible that the motive is a weak abdomen, so the Pilates can be your ally.

We may also use the Pilates method to work force and our lower train resistance, as we explain in this post by Jared beauty: about glutes, quads and ischiosural in the form are of course essential to improve career.

A correct breathing It is one of the big improvements we can obtain with the work of the Pilates method, and apply it in the race will help us at the time of improve our speed. Keep breathing right out of our rhythm (for example, when performing series) is important to avoid problems of flatus and improve our brands.

You know, not to be runners must set aside the training with other disciplines, and the Pilates is one that best complements it. We encourage you to test and compare the results!