Pilates and Retraining Postural

During our day to day frequently fall in bad postural habits that lead to incorrect postures and can cause us pain and even damage. If these habits again them for a long time (for example, bad posture at the computer for eight hours a day), it is possible for us to suffer imbalances and muscle contraction, decompensation and even loss of mobility artivular.

Faced with this, the Pilates method offers the advantage of postural re-education: through the conscious movement (because humans live in movement, and not statically) we can rebalance our musculature, making us smarter people: we will move better with an effort much lower.

The work with the method Pilates for postural re-education part one prior assessment of the person to evaluate your general fitness and muscle status in particular. What are their habits of life? It is sedentary or practiced physical exercise? What kind of muscle imbalances is suffering both in motion and in a static position? Based on these and other questions is designed a method of training individualized to each person.

The Pilates method is none other than education for the efficient movement, both in sport and in everyday life. Through different exercises and always on the basis of a correct body posture is working physical qualities such as muscle strength, balance, coordination or flexibility. All of them are basic in our daily life, in sport and for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of injuries.

Special attention deserves the work of the core, Center or Powerhouse for the pilateros: the middle zone of our body which covers the outermost muscles of abdominal fascia (straight abdominal, lumbar, oblique), the internal musculature of the abdomen (abdominal transverse, pelvic floor), respiratory muscles (diaphragm), stabilizing muscles (spinal erectores) and buttocks. All the movements that we have their starting point in the Middle, so it a strong and efficient core is vital to posture and proper motion.