Pilates and Fat Loss

There are still many people who think that the kinds of Pilates they are ladies of middle age that can not withstand stronger such as the spinning and Body Pump activities, or that is simply a kind of gymnastics of maintenance. Nothing further from the truth: as I have said on other occasions, the practice of the Pilates method is very demanding physically, and we can use it to our benefit for lose that fat us surplus.

The method Pilates, as we have said in previous articles, is a type of execution of the exercises which is based on five basic principles, of which the most important are the control of the core or Powerhouse and breath control. Through this method, as well as toning the muscles, can contribute to the fat loss. Do you know why?

The body type of the Professional practitioners of Pilates is often slender figure and elongated muscle: this is not a mere coincidence. During the execution of the exercises according to the Pilates method, the muscles are exposed to contrary forces that pull its ends towards opposite directions. This mode is achieved by time, perseverance and training, the gradual elongation of muscles, which also favours the increase in range of motion of joints.

Do fibers practising the Pilates method break? Of course, as you break fibers during your regular weight training. And is that rupture of muscle fibers is the basis for muscle growth. If we feed our body properly at the end of the exercise (for example, our Pilates session) our muscles will use those nutrients to regenerate and grow.

How much more muscle mass have, the greater the demand for this as for nutrients, and our basal metabolism will be higher. This means that during our no-actividad our bodies need more energy to keep (so the chemical reactions that occur at the cellular level can continue to exist).

So the conclusion of all this is that work with the Pilates method helps us to gain muscle mass (fat-free), which helps us to burn more calories even when we are not playing sport. It is clear that does not burn the same or at the same rate as, for example, in a kind of spinning; But if it works to tone up and lose fat.

You have another reason to begin practicing if one has not yet tested it!