Pilates and Back Pain

Too many times in the past few days I have heard that “I don’t do Pilates because I have bad back”: big mistake. Work with the Pilates method not only will help us to strengthen our back, but also to take the correct posture when performing the exercises.

First of all, clarify that I always speak of back pains, and not diseases back, which will need to be treated by a specialist, and to be able be, receive a customized training.

We assume that in the method Pilates one of the most important premises is the body alignment and the postural correction: the movement should not initiate until the body is perfectly positioned to maximize the benefits of exercise. This principle should be a must not just Pilates, but any type of physical activity.

Pilates It is a method of training based on the breathing, which follows a set pattern that makes each year. For example, before performing a movement that involves the body rotation in the transverse plane we must make an inspiration and elongarnos growing up through the roof: thus We will provide you with spinal decompression that is submitted the column, and the rotation will be securely.

In our life spent much time sitting at the computer or twisted about uncomfortable Office Chairs: this which is why the Prevention by strengthening the muscles of the back and the central section of our body becomes so important.

The method Pilates exercises are aimed at improving the articulation of our back and the the column extension, among other benefits. The dissociation of the movements to perform push-ups, extensions and rotations we benefit when another type of activities and in our daily lives, where we will be more efficient to move us.

The strengthening of our section average or core you will help us to improve our stabilization and to compensate for the incorrect postures fruit of muscle imbalances. If you don’t have with a strong, core body will tend to pull forward, taking a stance that favors the hyperkyphosis (the famous hump or hump). This gives us idea of the importance that have the muscles of the back and abdominal belt in our posture, and its reflection in our daily life.

Of course, the medical prescription It is going ahead: in the event that the doctor recommends us to do Pilates, should respect it. In addition, at the beginning of our Pilates training we must inform our instructor of our ailments or diseases to ensure a safe and effective workout.

And you, what do think of Pilates as prevention or solution to back pain?