Pike Fishing Equipment Guide

Want to get started in an impressive fishing fight? Pike, carnivorous Lakes and rivers, will guarantee you the thrills. Indeed, this predator will shake off all his strength and his entire body will Gush out of the water to try to break free from your hook. Full fishing gives you advice on the choice of materials and different techniques to capture this fearsome predator.

Pike fishing: bet on quality equipment

You need first to know positions to Pike and inspecting the place where they feed. This done, you will need a sturdy material as this carnivorous will give you a hard time to be harpooned. You must have the appropriate hardware.

The Reel

Opt for a high speed reel, easy to use and able to catch this combative fish.This type of reel has also two brakes: one at the front, to use during the fight and one at the rear, when the fish is stable. You will need to refill the reel of a reel nylon for the fly fishing with braid for lure fishing.

The Cane

If you fish boat, the cane of the pike fishing should be short, not exceeding 3 meters. It is also preferable that it carbon for its lightness of handling.


If you do have fishing lure, it is necessary to choose a few models of each type of decoy: fish-swimmer, rotating spoons… so that the lure is effective, it has to be discreet but also noticeable by the Pike.


Solid and well sharpened, the pike fishing hooks come in different forms: beak of parrot, double safety pin, Ryder triple…

Additional Accessories

Also think about Accessories: box around, sounder, cutting pliers, Sharpener, boat for fishing, vest with pockets, GPS…

The predator fishing techniques

The hardware to buy depends on the method with which you decided to fish. We can distinguish:

Fishing Lure

In depth or on the surface, the lure fishing requires suitable decoys. For the first type, prefer soft baits and large size. For the second type, prefer the lures swims or a floating Popper.

Fishing To The Quick

Fishing to the quick, can be done to the floating line (using a float setting can go deep), to the weight (ideal for fishing in depth with the addition of a lead for an immediate autoferrage) or with Pater-Noster (to immobilize a predator in a limited space).

The Dead Handled Fish Fishing

Handled dead fish fishing is to induce the predator waving a dead fixed the bait fish.
With all this information at your disposal, you are ready to lead fierce fighting with this predator outstanding!