Petar: Paradise Cave

For those who like to visit caves there is most recommended that the Alto Ribeira Touristic State Park Petar. Located southwest of Sao Paulo, 320 km from the capital, the Park Ranger one of the biggest wealth espeleológicas from all over the country. There are over 250 caves catalogued, for all tastes: some rich in ornaments (stalactites, stalagmites, curtains etc.), other rivers inside, some easily accessible, and could even take children, others require more elaborate techniques such as abseiling, as well as trails and waterfalls. Caves of various sizes and degrees of difficulty.

Situated in the Serra da Paranapiacaba, one of the most preserved of remnants of Atlantic forest, the Park was created in 1958, being one of the oldest in the State of São Paulo. The access can be done by the city of Iporanga, by Régis Bittencourt, or by the city of Apiaí, Castelo Branco highway. In addition to the wealth that attracts both Speleological experts in caves, like the common tourist, the Park is also home to a peculiar biodiversity. There you can find species of mammals like the Otter, the monkey monocarvoeiro; or birds like the Vinaceous-breasted Amazon, Guan and the Harpy Eagle.


The Park is divivido in four cores, each with a headquarters:


Santana-core Located in like Betari River Valley, 3 km from the District of Serra, Iporanga, this collection features a kiosk where the trails that lead to the caves. Itis located at cave Santana, one of the most visited in the Park. The core features multifunction camping area with toilets, laundry and clinic. Other attractions of the core: dirty water cave, stone Tower, the Betarizinho waterfalls and swallows, gruta do Morro-black, waterfall and cave do Couto.


Strengthening is the central region of the Park, where it was built your first seat. The core offers camping area with toilets and laundry. The core attractions: Hat, Lookout track, track seven Kings, hat, caves, Water Spiders Missing, and fishing, waterfalls Arataca seven Kings and Maximinus.


Thick Gold coresituated along the neighborhood of Serra, your main attractionis the very Thick Gold cave, known as a cave adventure. The headquarters hasan environmental education center and a small museum with traditional utensils.Is cut by the river like Betari, which embellishes the scenery of the Park.


Corestone house located 10 km from the city centre of Iporanga, the core has a basis for monitoring and control. Its biggest attraction is the stone house cave, which has one of the largest entry porticos in the world, with about 200 meters high. To get there it is necessary to make a long walk, bordering the river Maximinus.


In addition, the surrounding region Petar has other beautiful protected areas, such as the Parque Estadual Intervales, the Carlos Botelho State Park and the ecological station of Xitué, totaling an area of native forest of more than 200,000 acres. Another highlight of the area is the Devil’s Cave, located in the city of Eldorado, there are 30 km of Iporanga. The cave is outside the area of the Park and is considered one of the most visited in the country. Its unmatched beauty and access facilities installed are great attractions for tourists of all ages.


Although still very preserved, the Park suffers threats of destruction with the illegal mining, the irregular, hunting and fishing, the contamination of rivers and deforestation. To try to contain the pressure on the natural resources of the region,in addition to supervisory work done by the Instituto Florestal of São Paulo public agency responsible for the Park, several organizations have developed projectsto involve the traditional communities that live around, raising them by creatingeconomic alternatives such as ecotourism. So, there are several local monitors in the region. To hire one of them, besides the visitor be contributing to local income generation, is still looking out for your safety. If you are not an expert, just get in a cave with a guide who already know the place.


Petar with Trails & Directions


Have a versatile and practical backpack is essential for those who go to Petar. To load the equipment we recommend the Crampon bag 68, which has front pocket that can be detached by turning a small backpack of attack for shorter trips. Another good option for short walks is oEstojo Acqua, waist light with support for two clutches of water and inside pocket for documents.


A fundamental equipment for the visit to the Park, due to the various caves at the site, is a flashlight, preferably those used on head. The Trails & Directions offers several options for lighting the Torch, which has the adjustable light angle anddespite using four batteries, can work even with two in case of emergency. In case of emergency, it is advisable to have in the bag a Chemical Light stick, which works with thechemical reaction of two liquids in a vial. After broken, has enough light to illuminate for up to 12 hours.

Hydration should be looked at carefully, especially in warmer times. The Trail has several options of Courses & canteens, Canteen Hidrat 2, comprising Flexible two liters of water and is adaptable to various models of bags. The water outlet is made by a hose that connected to the canteen, reaches the mouth of the user and allows him to drink even in motion.
How do you get much rain in the region, to protect themselves from the rain a good tip is the Shelter Anorak Storm, which has resistance to 10,000 mm waterproofing water column and sealed seams. It also has built-in hood in collar, with the ventilation system that prevents condensation and made in breathable fabric.