Perfect Buttocks with Six Minutes a Day

Very often, though not always, girls pisan room fitness with a single goal. Improve some part of your body that don’t work enough in classes aimed at them that likes to go. This area are usually the buttocks or arms.

Today we propose a series of very complete exercises that will strengthen and thumping the buttocks of a safe and effective manner. No equipment is not necessary and can be done at home without any Poblem. They are only needed 6 minutes to finish the routine and I assure you that more than one @ will not be able nor finish it.

Here we present exercise routine:

As security is always the most important, keep in mind that:

(a) the back will always be parallel to the ground.
(b) maintain the abdominal always collapsed.
(c) use a pad or something soft to support your knees.
(d) if there is pain in the back or not is controlled, place the elbows on the ground.

If the routine tests and attempt to survive… leave us a comment with the opinion that you deserve. Insurance that will be very useful for other readers.