Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos

Walk in the middle of nature is one of the best and most accessible things in life.With that in mind, the Trails Directions suggests a location that & has to do withyour own origin and that offers a rich variety of trails and peaks: the Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos (PNSO). Located between the mountain towns Petrópolis and Teresópolis (company headquarters), in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the Park was the third of Brazil to be created and in 2009 complete 70 years of existence.


With good infrastructure for the visitor and of easy access, the Park is situated in the Serra do Mar (where it reaches your highest point) and has flora and fauna typical of the Atlantic forest, a fragile ecosystem and endangered species. Has three official entries: Guapimirim, Petrópolis and Teresópolis (main headquarters), and is approximately 1 hour and a half of the city of Rio.

In the upper part, has an altitude of creeping vegetation, in addition to the views absolutely breathtaking, with visuals that, very often see the Guanabara Bay, downstairs. The main river that cuts through the Park’s name is Superb, and provides wonderful waterfall baths. But this is not the only River and water is not lacking – because of her local flora is so lush.


Its main ridge, the Pedra do Sino, is 2,263 meters above sea level. Its most famous mountain is the Finger of God, symbol of alpinism in Brazil when, at the beginning of the last century (1912) was conquered by Brazilians, after Europeans hadsaid to be impossible your Ascension. His most repeated crossing and sought the whole Park crosses, Petrópolis to Teresópolis, about 42 km of steep and difficult trails orientation.


Its mountains are beautiful, original designs and very different from each other,with walls of all kinds, for all tastes. Is a real paradise for climbers. In fact, here which are the largest scalable walls of Brazil, the big wall.


The trails are numerous and can spend a year going to that place without knowing half of what nature offers. To give you an idea, there are mountains in the more isolated kernels (this area is considered intangible assets according to the management plan of the Park, i.e., the visitation is prohibited and, if you want to go there, you will have to ask special permission) where there are over 20 or 30 years nobody steps in your top! And this on the edges of a city like Rio de Janeiro, which is considered the largest urban climbing in the world.


How to get there


For anyone who wants to visit the headquarters of Guapimirim and Teresópolis just follow in direction to Rio de Janeiro and then to the mountainous region, the BR-116 (Rio-Teresópolis). In the middle of the ascent of the mountain there is the lobby of the headquarters of Guapimirim. Following the end of the Sierra, just after the gate of the entrance of the city of Teresopolis, in the urban area, is theentrance to the main headquarters. The access of the two entries is well signposted.


To reach the Concierge Petrópolis follow headquarters by the BR-040, which links Rio de Janeiro to Juiz de Fora (MG) and the Centre of Petrópolis hit the road-Industry Union, that borders the river Quitandinha. Access must be taken from Corrêas. From Corrêas as advised by Neighborhood Bansal. The access is made by dirt road and bad stretches of asphalt and cobblestone. The gatehouse of the Park is the last building on highest area of the neighborhood.


The Novo Rio bus station, in Rio de Janeiro, leaving bus frequently both to Teresópolis, Petrópolis. For those who will visit the headquarters of Guapimirim or Teresópolis bus leaves the visitor at the door of the park entrance. To the Thirsty Petrópolis, the best option from the Center and take a bus to the Terminal of Corrêas. From there there are two lines that meet the Bonfim-611 line (Bonfim) which has period about 1 Km from the Ordinance and the line 616 (Pine Grove) to come closer, to the Rural School of Bonfim. Hence forth is to follow on foot.


Where to stay


You can camp or stay in a shelter inside the PNSO. The seat Teresópolis a comfortable campground, with capacity for 20 tents.

The structure has male and female bathrooms, with wet and dry area for toilets and bath, respectively. The overnight costs 6.00 at R$ campground.

At the top of the Bell Rock, about 2,200 m altitude, is located 4 shelter, a mountain Chalet destined to receive visitors and control the use of mountain areas. The site relies on solar and wind energy and biological treatment of wastewater. The current 4 Shelter was erected on the ruins of the foundations of the old shelter, which was part of the network of shelters from the Sino stone.

Guapimirim headquarters has two camping areas: the Hoatzin, with capacity foreight tents, sanitary facilities and electricity; and the Curl, near the gatehouse, with a capacity up to 40 stalls (is the largest area of camping in the Park). Has male and female toilets, showers, tables, dishwasher and electric power.

In addition, it is allowed to perform Wild camping in several places of the Park, like the castles of Acu or in the Pedra do Sino, as long as it’s reported the presence in the Park and pay the entrance fee.

What to do

There are many peaks to meet. Some are within the park but the access is doneby lateral valleys. Most of them are accessible only by trekking and some sailings require the use of rappelling. The views, where you want to look, are always stunning!

Some mountains of the Park: got beat up bad, our Lady’s finger, Finger of God, fish head, Santo Antonio, São João, São Pedro, demijohn, Devil’s Needle, Papudo,Bell Rock, Morro da popcorn, Morro da Cruz, Jacob, Açú, Eco, Solitude, Two sheds, Marco Hill, Hill of the glove, and numerous others.

The Park provides opportunities for rock climbing at all levels, from the easiest for beginners, even some of the more technical climbs of Brazil, as the tracks on the bigwall Sino stone. The management of the Park supports the practice of sport climbing in an environmentally responsible manner. To climb the peaks of thePNSO (even those where access is given by the BR-116, as God’s finger and got beat up bad) it is necessary to communicate to the Park, pay the fee, sign the consent forms and deliver in the lobby or fax (for 21 2152-1103). Before starting the climb inquire about general rules for public use and meet specific standards for climbing activities. Also check if the area where you intend to climb has accessallowed in the zoning of the Park. To perform the crossing Petrópolis-Teresópolis is also necessary to pay the fee and communicate the Park by means of signature of instrument of knowledge of Risks, available in the Ordinances of the Park and on the official website of the PNSO.

The best season runs from April to October, the driest season and therefore away from the summer rains and lightning storms. Worth a check on time, as it is not nothing nice take a big place so high and “homeless” and, even in winter, theyare common. The cold can get to a few degrees below zero.

PNSO with Trails & Directions

For more than a day hiking and camping, it is essential to consider the weight that will be loaded during the journey. The Trails Directions offers more technical equipment &, with weight and volume are ideal for activities like this. A good choice is the Bivak Aluminum tent. It accommodates a comfortably, with your personal baggage, and has only 1.7 Kg! For two people the best alternative is Quota 2tent, which weighs 3.3 Kg with your new model igloo format has two entries and frames marked with color system to facilitate mounting.

Other product indicated for the night is the sleeping bag Micro Feather, which has only 1 kg of weight and can handle temperatures up to 0ºc, enough for the climate of the Serra dos Órgãos. Loose-shell system, English name which means this bag does not have seams in front and behind, to prevent heat loss by microfuros made by sewing needles. And to the thermal insulation, a good alternative is the insulation Matratze Light, it weighs only 300 g and features an aluminized face which must be placed in contact with the body, increasing the thermal protection.

Remember, the comfort of a heavy walk is directly connected to the good quality of cargo bag. After all, she’s going to be a big part of the day stuck on you. Agood tip is to mochilaCramponTech Tech 77, which features adjustable back height by the system Quik Fit System. The padding of the back is soft and designedto improve ventilation. For those who carry the minimum required, or intend todo shorter itineraries, the Crampon model Tech 48 is the perfect size. Both are very comfortable, come with built-in rain cover and have access by the Fund.

It is also recommended that you carry a first aid kit, as the SOS of the Trails, ideal for storing Courses & bandages, tape, bandages and medicines for


Visitation schedules and price

The PNSO opens every day from 8:00 at 5:00 pm (all seats). Entry is permitted in the Park between 6:00 and 8:00 and between 5:00 pm 10:00 pm and by advance purchase of tickets, at the box office in the Park. The tickets are sold with a maximum of 7 days in advance.

The Park has a variety of prices in their tickets, depending on the period of residence, the place visited and if residents of the surroundings or Tripper, Club member with 50% discount. The ticket for visiting in the lower part of Teresópolis andGuapimirim headquarters costs 3.00 R$. For those who go hiking in the high part of the park without an overnight stay (beats), admission is 12.00 R$. For an overnight visitor pays R$ 24.00 and $1 more


2.00 per overnight stay. The parking of vehicles per day, costs R$ R$ 3.00 5.00 for cars and for motorcycles. There is no parking at the headquarters Petrópolis.

By Márcia Soares, October 2009.