Parma FC Football Club

In the nineties of the twentieth century AC Parma was a household name in European football. Internationally known players such as Hernan Crespo, Lillian Thuram, Gianfranco Zola, Fausto Asprilla and Hristo Stoichkov played in the past for the Club. The Italian football Grazziano PELLE more known in the Netherlands are here, after staying at AZ, football happiness when he participated in the Feyenoord and Southampton. After the Parmalat scandal in 2004, the Club was in financial straits and could make a fresh start as Parma FC. In 2015, the Club is on the road, in the series, A, again on bankruptcy and threaten an inglorious retreat from the highest platform of the previous winners of the UEFA Cup and the European Championship. An account of the highs and lows of the Club.


The club saw the light in July 1913 and was established as Verdi FC in honor of the composer who comes from the region of Parma. In december of the same year, was the Club’s name was changed to Parma FC. In 1918, after World War I, played for the first time in competition. The Club changed its name to Associazione Sportiva Parma in 1931. The Club has spent most of his life in the lower divisions. She stood at the cradle of both class C and class B, but has also played in the D-series.
In 1970 the Club in financial trouble, and looks to merge is forced by the Associazione Calcio Parmense who had just been promoted to serie d. the new merged Club continues to license Parma as it was entitled to retain the city’s name, logo and team colors. More financial arm strength who graduated gave the fusion new merged Club soon to serie B and then the yo-yo up and down until the late 80 among series B and series C.
In 1990, PhD, AC Parma for the first time to the highest level in Italy, Serie A, and the Club was bought by the family that owns the Parmalat Group. This Club will have even more resources available and are big names attached to the Club. The success also not stay off. AC Parma WINS in the 1990s several European Cups and three domestic cups in 1992, 1999 and 2002. As many as 16 seasons in a row, AC Parma participants in various European tournaments. The big dream, champion of Italy, however, cannot be achieved. AC Parma lost twice by a hair the title and ending at a point behind the champions Juventus.
In 2004, dark clouds are gathering over Parma. Parmalat gets involved in a huge fraud scandal, and barely survives. The same is true for football now, the capital injections as the main sponsor ends abruptly. Under the old name Parma FC continues the Club again but Parmalat as a big lender. Several Presidents, coaches and owners follow each other in quick succession. Many players must be sold, however, and with a much lower budget impairs the club finished in 2008. After a year in serie B Parma FC is promoted again to Serie A, where it opens up in 2015.


After, since its inception, a number of years at various locations in the city played was 1923 involved Stadio Ennio Tardini. The name refers to the first President of the Club, which also laid the foundation stone for the stadium. The stadium has undergone several renovations in 1990, 1992 and 1993.The current capacity is due to the poor condition of the stadium will be reduced to 23 045 while officially 27 906 spectators could sit. The poor condition of the stadium is the result of several years of discussions between the owner of the stadium, the municipality and the Club Board on the transformation and upgrading of the stadium should be performed. Italy had been a candidate for the organisation of the European Football Championships in 2016 and Parma would be one of the host cities in the bid book. But the Organization of the tournament to the toe of Italy passed and therefore plans for a renovation of the stadium in Parma to a capacity of over 38,000 spectators.
In 2009 a tragic accident that happened at the stadium in Parma as Vicenza fan leaned over a railing to challenge supporters of the home Club and 8 metres fell down. The 19-year-old boy died in hospital.This accident was partly due to the bad condition of the stadium was located as a result of the ongoing debate on the implementation of renovations at the stadium. Since the accident, the maximum number of spectators the stadium further restricted.

European success stories

In 1992, AC Parma won the Coppa Italia and positioning forces to take over from the earlier EM II tournament. The tournament for national cup winners, which since has been merged into the Europa League. Parma manages to reach the finals at Wembley and win even from Belgium FC Antwerp. Next season the European Super Cup won against AC Milan and once again reached the final at Euro II-tournament.These final against Arsenal lost. In the season 1994-1995 Parma reached the precursor to the final Europa League, the UEFA Cup. Opponents in the finals, that it still played over two matches, Juventus.AC Parma draws in this conflict the longest straw and win the UEFA Cup for the first time. In the season 1998-1999 this trick is repeated as in the final of the UEFA Cup, now in a game must be decided is Olympique Marseille 3-0 defeat.
AJAX, Vitesse, Utrecht, PSV and Heerenveen, the Dutch clubs AC Parma in a European context met ever as an opponent. Vitesse and PSV are the only clubs in a European tournament was able to secure a victory at AC Parma, with PSV only managed to get to the next round after being drawn against AC Parma.

Economic problems in 2015

In 2007, Tommaso Ghirardi is the new owner of Parma FC, following the Parmalat scandal, the Club three years has been under the administration of trustee. Due to economic shortcomings and associated problems with the Italian tax authorities, the Club 2014, be excluded from participation in the Europa League after taking sixth place in the League. This was the reason why Ghirardi owner to sell the Club.In December 2014, Parma FC is owned by Dastraso Holding Ltd, run by Albanian business Rezart Taci. On 5 February 2015, but sold those shares are already on the Slovenian company Mapi Group whose Gianpietro Manenti owner. After this transfer, it became clear that the Club financially in very harsh weather wrong. The salaries of players and staff had not been paid since July. Had promised 25 million Rezart Taci, according to former owner Ghirardi invested any money in the Club, making various creditors now knocked on the door. Due to these creditors was impounded cars in the Club and fitness equipment in the weight room, worth 500,000 euros. Two games in the 2014-2015 season had to be adjusted because of the secrecy surrounding the games and the transport of the players could not be paid. Different Presidents in the 2014-2015 season is all the Italian police was arrested on suspicion of fraud.
On 19 February 2015, the Club was declared bankrupt by the Court. At the same time, the Club had an emergency injection of 5 million received from the other clubs in the A series to end the season. At the end of the 2014/2015 season, an auction will be held where interested parties can bid to buy the Club. This hope to keep the Club in the Italian professional football. The first auction with a starting bid of € 20,000,000 not buyers. The next four auctions, where each bid was reduced by 25% to 6 million ultimately produced no buyers. As a last resort as they tried to sell the Club private but it failed. On June 22 the club finally was declared bankrupt and put back to the amateur level in the series (D).