Outdoor Clothing for Adventures in Style

Adventurous hikers and athletes need the proper outdoor clothing for the movement in the fresh air all year round. For wind and weather, as well as for various activities of dealers offers many different outdoor jackets, sweaters, functional underwear and shirts and pants made of functional materials. The clothing should always be tailored to the type of activity, as well as the expected weather. It is not irrelevant whether you must protect yourself against cold or whether the climatic conditions require also waterproof clothing. Functionally this however not less chic means. Well-known outdoor manufacturers offer functional clothing for men and women, which at the same time features fashionable cuts and designs.

Outdoor Clothing for Adventures in Style


Functionality in several layers

Breathable underwear is the basis of every outdoor outfits as suggested by this article. Especially during heavy physical activity, she will benefit the hikers. It derives the resulting moisture to the outside and guarantees a consistently pleasant wearing feeling. Because it dries quickly, the danger of cold during rest periods is reduced. Based on the reinforced principle of onion, it represents the first location of outdoor clothing. In the summer a T-Shirt or a polo shirt is worn over the functional underwear like. In draughty sections or towards the end of the day they are complemented by a sweater or a jacket.

There are large differences in the area of outdoor jackets, representing the third layer of clothing. Fleece jackets are popular with walks very light, breathable, and especially due to its warming properties. Due to its exceptionally soft surface, they can be worn directly on the skin, as well as about other outdoor clothing. Worn under an unlined, this waterproof rain jacket, they make them winterized. Softshell jackets combine both properties and act flexibly, as well as protective wind and weather. In addition, her custom-made functional material offers a good breathability and tightness, which should be designated with a high water column. The adaptable and weatherproof jackets are suitable in particular for sports in the open air.\

Outdoor clothing

The properties of functional outdoor clothing

You informed of technical outdoor apparel, one comes to terms how breathable, water repellent and waterproof not around. But what exactly is actually behind it?

The breathability describes the scope in which the function membrane able is to transport resulting water vapor from the inside of the jacket. On the basis of two factors, the MVTR value and the RET value is measured. The MVTR value specifies information about how much permeates water vapor in 24 hours by one square meter of the membrane. Breathability is accordingly the better, the higher the MVTR value. From a value of 10,000 g/m2/24 h is considered a membrane very breathable. The breathability of outdoor clothing is also determined by the RET value. This measures the resistance a material opposes water vapor. Here goes: the lower the value, the breathable membrane. A very good breathability means a RET value from zero to six, six to 13 can be seen still as good.

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It also plays a role if a membrane is waterproof or water resistant. The water permeability indicates the water column that is specified in millimeters. From a water column of 1,500 millimeters outdoor clothing is considered to be water-proof, such as a water repellent. Both, however, provides a degree of protection.

To properly maintain your outdoor clothing

Besides the right choice when purchasing met, also the corresponding care is important to ensure a long shelf life. To be sure, to use any aggressive detergents, to not damage the functional materials. Waterproof rain gear should be impregnated regularly.