Outdoor Case Backpack

Camping Backpack High Density Nylon Material Versatile Large Capacity 45L Outdoor Vertical Trekking Backpack Waterproof Large Capacity Multifunctional

The suitcase backpack is a robust travel specialist when it comes to perfectly combine walking and public transport. Luggage backpacks are equally made for transport on the back like in aircraft, bus & train! They boast high-quality carrier systems, lush furnishings and great clarity.

The facilities

Luggage backpacks have a wide range of equipment and are very clear. You can be wide open and so well fill, empty, sift. If more space is needed, an expansion zipper can remedy. Often, a suitcase backpack with an extra day pack is equipped. This sits piggy back on the suitcase backpack and can be zipped via zipper. For better load distribution (and the better defense of the long fingers) this day backpacks can be also often front attach to the shoulder straps. With on board, usually a well padded shoulder strap, which makes it possible, the suitcase backpack over short distances is straightforward and to wear as a shoulder bag. The zippers are generally lockable. Little loose ends and straps, a few gear loops, coverable carrying systems: That makes luggage backpacks ready for transport on public transport. With the backpack together the suitcase backpack has often the subdivision of the main compartment: A zipper-separator inside separated a bottom compartment, which in turn is accessible from the outside via a zip.

The carrying system

At similar weights and volumes as for trekking backpacks, it is important to have a potent carrying system, so that the backpack can be also comfortably carry in the suitcase backpack. High quality waist belt and shoulder straps, equipped with load control straps, is thereby essential. A system with aluminum struts, which effectively transferred the high load on the waist belt, is ideal. The suitcase backpack is intended also for bus, rail and air transport. Therefore, most carrying systems via zipper can be completely covered. So, straps and buckles from conveyor belts are protected etc.

The back length

As for the trekking backpacks, the back length plays a role even in the case of backpacks. To achieve an optimal wearing comfort, it is important that fits the harness to the back of each. Therefore it is worth to test-laden suitcases backpacks with different carrying systems, to determine the correct carrier system or the right suitcase backpack for themselves.


The back length is the distance between 2 points: the upper point is the top of the shoulder blades or the 7 cervical vertebrae – this is the vertebrae, which stands out, if you take the chin towards the chest. The bottom point is the lateral edge of the pelvic bone. It can be good to feel with your thumbs. For determining easier, we cover the back length in 3 categories:


Short 40-49 cm

Medium 50-57 cm

Long 58-69 cm