Our Trip to Sao Tome

It was on 7 September 2015, join me, my girlfriend, my sister Tayana Taynara and your boyfriend Bruno. We began our journey in Petrópolis during a Cloudburst, but with much higher expectations met São Tomé das Letras is a town and municipality in the State of Minas Gerais, located at 1450 m above sea level in the midst of a rocky outcrop. We keep our tent Super Squirrel 2 of the Tracks 5 years Courses & us on countless adventures, even through the Australian Outback,but that will be for another story and put your foot on the road. On the way, inthe midst of our euphoria, we couldn’t help but notice the beauty and the fresh air that invaded the window of our car at the moment that we left a busy highway and enter a clod. In this excerpt, already almost coming to our final destination, we enter into deep happiness to see numerous birds, including the beautiful carcaras. Besides the big surprise was the encounter with a coral snakecrossing the road true or false, we didn’t know! And who would have the courage to go there to find out?

The arrival was curious, at least for me, to realize that almost everything in the city was made of São Tomé stone, including streets, sidewalks, houses,restaurants, waterfalls, and whatever else you can imagine, making the environment unlike anything I had ever experienced. We went straight to assemble our camp in one of the dozens of campsites that exist in the area and we ended up choosing the most empty to enjoy nature. Once again not disappoint us with our tents, I with the aforementioned, and Renjith with a Super Squirrel 6, causing envy to travelers who enjoy space, both came out unharmed and dry of a scarytime.


In our quick stay we were able to visit the well-known pyramid House, a place frequented by many travelers in search of your beautiful panoramic sunsets andmystical experiences and interplanetaryYes, I forgot to say, but Sao Tome is also known for several reports of sighting of UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts. (In)Luckily we haven’t had this contact. Couldn’t stop talking too, of relaxing waterfalls, such as the Bridal Veil, as well as the caves, both with the same rock formation, giving them a unique texture and color. We’ve even seen swallows in the entrance of the grotto of Sobradinho, trying to shelter from the cold and rain that made this season, sang when we were screeching coming we decided to leave them alone and move the other way. The night also left much to be desired, not so much in the city with an atmosphere of festivity and the typical local food delicious, and camping with the guitar, the bonfire and amazing people. And finally, when it wrapped in my comfortable sleeping bag Micro Feather from Tracks & Directions, we were graced with the singing of the owls, ringing in our ears as lullaby.