Origins of Swimwear

The origins of the bathing suit / beach wear (by Valerie Be Vintage, alleging )

In Folie Vintage, summer is not completely finished … To finish the “beauty” here very briefly the origins of swimwear from Bermuda Coco Chanel in topless …

Origins of Swimwear

In 1920, fashion designer Coco Chanel present on the female fashion market of shorts above the knee embellished necklines well in sight. The woman must be tanned as much as she can … A true innovation for the time!

From the 30s, everything changes … The severe and rigid jerseys are not enough. The woman, barely out of his swimming, is covered with cloths to leave nothing unveil its forms prying eyes.

In 1939, the house Jantzen launches for the first time the first two parts, consisting of a bra / bra and shorts in the hip. A real revolution! It is likely that the designers of the house Jantzen were inspired by Greta Garbo in The woman with two faces that bore at the time a black shirt at the time, having raised a scandal.

During the 40s, the style of the post-war will be that of Hollywood divas who passed on the beaches. Such is the story of the famous Bikini :
In 1946 the USA are experimenting on the atoll of Bikini Islands, bomb hydrogen. Just three days later, in Paris, the French tailor Louis Réard launch another bomb, this time more sexy and less harmful: the bikini. The two pieces that leaves the navel uncovered … In his presentation July 5, 1946 to Deligny pool Réard uses Micheline Bernardini, a dancer at the Casino de Paris (no professional model had agreed to participate in fittings). She earns in the transaction instant popularity.
A revolution for the time. However, we have knowledge of fabric strips covering the beauty of nudity taking their bath already from the fourth century BC, the mosaics of Piazza Armerina (Italy) are tangible proof (mosaics of the Hall of Young Bikini Girls will -Dessous).

From the 50s, the neckline is everywhere on the beaches, to result in the birth of the “Wonderbra” in order to better highlight the chest. Finally, the famous Reard, having created the innovative Bikini, recurrence, inventing the bra without straps and panty briefs, which retains and mask cellulite … The undisputed star of the 60s is undoubtedly Brigitte Bardot, sublime lolita its jerseys. His appearances on the beaches of St Tropez are constantly scrutinized. The actress launches a style where the shirts are stained possible, daring psychedelic prints, cotton fabrics and lycra. The “beach wear” becomes a global business. Actresses of the silver screen will now cast trends: one is demonstrated by the scene where the blonde Ursula Andress emerges from the water in a white two-piece when 007 Licence to kill.

We are at the time of great challenges to the youth revolution invests culture but also fashionable. In 1968, we finally dare-bare breast. The style topless inflames the beaches, and the most daring launch wind their bra in order to enjoy full freedom of nature. It leaves at home her bra, but her panties. This is the first appearance of nudists.

In the early 70s on the beach of Ipanema, near Rio de Janeiro, a young Italian-Brazilian woman launches first tanga leaving completely visible texture of the buttocks: Heloisa Pinheiro, “The Girl from Ipanema “. It is the triumph of the transgression, the thong still further reduced, monokini 60s, textiles triangles barely covering the nipples, Brazil adores everything about fashion range …