Only Basic Exercises to Get Size?

One of the great myths (rather, two) are based on the following supposed principles: to achieve a good muscle size is necessary to work only with basic exercises (bench press, squats…) and free weights, since machines reduce the quality of the training.

Not bad, Although the basic exercises (especially in large muscles) they are fundamental, as well as the domain of weights free, are, without doubt, the “machacas’ favorite exercises, We must not ignore the more specific exercises (in some cases isolation), as well as fitness machines.

If we want a muscle large and fully trained we must combine the main or basic exercises with others that directly attack parts of the hardest working muscle groups and more specific. For example, squats can be the best work of leg, but it won’t need a complementary work, for example, adductors and abductors.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to work some muscle groups such as triceps or isqueotibiales without machines or, at least, pulleys. You leave aside the milestones of back or the infinity of possibilities offered by the pulleys?

Remember: A training without radical beliefs and misconceptions will be which take you to achieve your goals. ¡Disfrútalos!