Olympic Games 2008 Judo Results

At the 2008 Olympic Games, a number of judokas favorite for a medal. Do ten Dutch judoka who will compete in the Olympic Games. These are: Edith Bosch, Dex Elmont, Guillaume Elmont, Dennis van der Geest, Deborah Gravenstijn, Henk Grol, Ruben Houkes, Mark Huizinga, Carola Uilenhoed and Elisabeth Willeboordse. What are their chances?

What are the chances of Edith Bosch?

The year 2003 brought Edith Bosch a bronze medal at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. Edith Bosch makes for the second time in the Olympics. During the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, Edith Bosh won a silver medal. The same year she became European champion. In 2005, she became European champion and world champion. In 2007, she was third in the European Championship. In view of its achievements and experiences makes Edith Bosch good chance again to win a medal. Whether this time gold is hard to play.

What are the chances for Dex Elmont?

In 2005, Dex Elmont seventh at World Judo. During 2007 and 2008 Elmont was twice fifth at the European Championships. The chances for a medal for Dex Elmont of the Olympics should not be overstated, although you never know with judo. But given his past performance, I don’t think Dex go for a medal.

What are the chances of Guillaume Elmont?

Compared with his brother Dex, implementation of Guillaume Elmont is a little better. It started in 2002, pretty moderate with a seventh place at the European Championship. In 2005, it was already much better. When the first was won at the World Championships and a fifth place in the European Championship. In 2006 there were a bronze medal at the European Championships. And in 2007 both the European Championship and WORLD CUP earned a third place. During Euro 2008 Elmont won more silver.Given the results of Guillaume must be guaranteed a medal in it. However, it is difficult to predict what colour it is.

What are the chances for Dennis van der Geest?

The performance by Dennis van der Geest may be there. In Athens was a bronze plaque away. The WORLD CUP is once gold, two silver and two bronze medals obtained at or + 100 kg or open class. During the European Championship with + 100 kg open class took two gold, three silver and five Bronze. In view of these achievements may end up being Dennis for a medal. But his last major accomplishment going back to 2005. It is three years ago. It is unclear how well the form of Van der Geest is now. So I wouldn’t really know if there are any medals.

What are the chances of Deborah Gravenstijn?

Deborah won bronze at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. The most appealing performances dating back from several years back. In 1998, 200 in 1999 and finished third in the European Championship three times.In 2001, she won silver in both the European Championship and WORLD CUP. In 2005, she switched out prematurely during the European Championship and World Championship in 20005, she had to be absent due to injury. So it is very difficult to estimate what its shape is today. She probably will not qualify for a medal. But who knows.

What are the chances of Henk Grol?

Henk Grol is a coming man. In 2008, he was on EM first. He has qualified for the Olympics at the expense of Elco van der Geest. I think he definitely has a chance to medal if he can withstand the pressure.

What are the chances of Ruben Houkes?

At the time I write this article, Ruben Houkes won the bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic games so that we can be brief about his chances. What was there and he has taken.

What are the chances for Mark Huizinga?

Mark Huizinga makes for the fourth time during the Olympics. Back in 1996 in Atlanta, he won the bronze medal. 200 in Sydney gold he brought to the Netherlands. And in Athens in 2004, it was again bronze. As successful as he has been to the Olympics, so summarily his performance during the World Cup. He has only a bronze medal won in 2005. At the European Championships, he was successful in different weight classes. In total he won five bronze medals, two silver and six gold. The last time gold was 2008. He is still in top form. I appreciate the chances for Land on a medal high.

What are the chances of Carola Uilenhoed?

Carola Uilenhoed succeed from the 2005 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP and the World Cup. At the European Championships, she won two silver medals so far. On the various WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, she won two bronze medals. Based on these results, we can Owls Hat line among the contenders for a medal. Gold seems too ambitious.

What are the chances of Elisabeth Willeboordse?

Even Elisabeth Willeboordse successfully since 2005. So far, she won bronze and gold medals in the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS and bronze at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. With this, she is definitely a medal contender. What color it will be, we will have to wait.