Nordisk Victor 15 Sleeping Bags

The manufacturers technical data:
-Brand: Nordisk (site: ) )
-Model: Cold great sleeping bag Victor-15 °, adult size M
-Shape: Mummy
-Operating temperature:-8 ° comfort /-maximum 15 ° /-36 (extreme)
-Use season: winter
-Lining: 30 d Softnylon / 100% nylon
-Padding: 600 + North Down / duck down / 768 g
-Dimensions: 195 x 85/74 x 58 cm
-Weight: 1270 g
-Average price: € 290

The conditions of the test:

-Weather conditions: cold, wind, snow and snowstorm.
-Temperature of the night: about-15 ° /-20 ° C.
-Practice: Hiking mountain with bivouac in altitude (in a refuge not guarded).
-To the test location: Canfranc in Spanish Pyrenees (read the article here)

  • Comfort / use: 18/20The Victor-15 ° of Nordisk bag is sold to be loose and wide, leaving movement during sleep, it is rather a good selling point, which could however backfire against him, because more a bag is big, more it is bulky, and clutter in a bivouac sack is not the best of the selling points.It is true that it is broad and I had the ease of being able to move in the bag in freedom. Me who moves a lot in my sleep, it’s nice to not be woken up in the Middle night because that tied into the bag by moving. The bad point of this ease, it’s does not occupy all the space in the bag, which tends to cool down in the places where the body is not in the bag, the movements are so refreshing cold when you move.The complete opening of the bag with a zipper that goes from the head to the feet, is really very significant to enter areas restricted as the bivouac tents. It is also very effective to dry the bag to the back of hiking. Small flat on the opening system, the zipper that allows the opening and closing of the bag has a lug that is switches from outside to inside and vice versa. Apart from the fact that I did not know this system in my first test, and that that’s forced me to contortions to close the bag, subsequent attempts were not more conclusive, the zipper ends easily on the wrong side.

Space / Compression: 19.5/20

As indicated above, the Victor-15 ° sleeping bag is wide, which gives advantages and disadvantages, but space isn’t however annoyance, heard that the sleeping bag is sold with a very good system of compression and that the large volume of the bag is easily compress. The largesse of the bag becomes more an advantage than a disadvantage. No doubt it will be a tremendous asset for hikes that need to take a lot of material, as for the glacial hikes or long shipments.