Night Tour of Group of Cyclists Is Supported

From next week, Tuesdays on Tuesdays will be reserved for pedestrians. Cyclists can ride on the treadmill, eliminate the stress acquired throughout the day and take care of health, through cycling. The idea of ​​setting a day in the week to pedal through the streets of the city came from a group of cyclists, who already made the trip on sporadic days. Now, the group has the support of the Municipality of Maceió, through the Municipal Secretary of Sports and Leisure (Semel).

“We understand that actions like this only bring benefits to those who join this group. In addition to taking care of the health, pedaling is a good option for those who do not have time to practice a physical activity and that demands a greater commitment. The tour is democratic and costs nothing. Therefore, Semel could not fail to embrace this idea “, reinforced the owner of Semel, Antonio Moura.

Anyone can participate. The meeting point will be in front of the entrance of the Corridor Vera Arruda, in the border of Jatiúca, at 20h. The tour lasts an average of two hours and the organizers estimate is that about 100 cyclists attend. To ensure the safety of the participants of the tour, Semel made a “Safety Kit”, which will be distributed before the pedaling. The set will consist of stickers with reflective brightness front and rear, dorsetbudget for MTB light, as well as the signaling of wheels and pedals.

“It is also recommended that cyclists attend the ride with mirrors on the left and camapanhia, as determined by the National Traffic Code,” says one of the organizers of the pedal, Antonio Facchinetti.

Traffic agents of the Municipal Superintendence of Traffic (SMTT) will accompany the route to be covered by the group.”As there is no fixed itinerary, a few days in advance we will contact the SMTT to present the route map and thus facilitate the work of the traffic agents,” added Facchinetti.