Night Fishing for Carp Tips

In 2015, carp fishing rules permitted this practice night on a short period of 4 months. It was possible to fish carp at night between June 1 and October 31 in the authorized departments.

Night carp: a possible fishing all year round

In 2016, the regulations for fishing carp evolves. You can fish the carp at night between January 1 and December 31. Yes, you read that right! The period is extended to all year.

What for? Well, to adapt to the behaviors of the anglers who are more and more to fish at night.

Note all together with this permission depends on departments. These are the prefectorial orders which determine the period for fishing at night on the public domain.

You can find the details of the night course on each departmental federation sites.

CARP of night: the existing rules still in effect

To fish at night in 2016, you must continue to respect the rules already in place in 2015:

  • pratiquer fishing night 30 minutes after the sunset until 30 minutes before the sun comes up, the next day.
  • Utiliser the night of bait plants (prohibition of animals from bait).
  • relacher immediately the CARP after their capture (prohibition to keep in captivity and/or carry them).
  • Choisir a map of fishing before you make the waterfront.

The rules for fishing carp night adapt to the evolutions of the anglers fishing and is not displeasing to us!

Do you intend to go at night carp fishing more often? Feel free to respond or share your point of view.