New Swedish Cycling

Bike culture: Cycling to have a stronger voice in Sweden. The leading associations in the cycling questions go together in a broad alliance and form a new association under the name New Swedish cycling. Behind the initiative are Bicycle promotion, bicycle industry, Kirsten and the Swedish society for nature conservation.

Cycling in Sweden

– A necessary step to strengthen the cycling position in Sweden, said Lars strömgren, head of the new Alliance.

March 4, the Parliament took a historically important decision that gives Sweden a national bicycle strategy to promote increased cycling, and that puts the focus on infrastructure. But much more must be done to areas about Sweden becoming a cycling nation.

It says several well-known organizations that now form a new Association, the New Swedish cycling, to with collective force able to press on even tougher in bike questions with the aim to increase bicycle use in Sweden. In the new wide bicycle Alliance included Bicycle promotion, Sncc, bicycle industry, Swedish Cycling Federation, Kirsten and Tourist trails.

– Progress is too slow. It required concerted efforts to increase bike safety lights. There is also a need for a broad consensus on the need for political action to give more opportunity to choose the bike, says Lars strömgren, Chair of the New Swedish cycling.

As examples of measures that can seriously promote cycling mentions Lars strömgren need cohesive road network for bike, better able to combine cycling with public transport and increased opportunities for employers to make deductions for staff bicycles and the ability for employees to use their health care contributions to bicycle purchasing.

“The hope is that more politicians, both at the national level and in the Swedish Association of local authorities and regions even more so understand the value of increased cycling – the environment, public health and urban mobility. It is a global trend to bet on cycling, all over the world is the cycle of rampage, but hangs with Sweden? says Klas Elm, ceo of New Swedish cycling.