New Section of the Cycle Course Will Open This Sunday

Beginning next Sunday (12), a new section of the Leisure and Tourism Cycle of Recife begins to operate. With 1,5 kilometers of extension, the route will make the connection between the Park of Jaqueira and Santana. According to the City Hall of Recife, every Sunday and public holiday, the cycle route attracts an average of 17 thousand people.

The route of the new section runs through Parnamirim Avenue, Rua João Tude de Melo, Rua Doctor João Santos Filho, Rua Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcanti, Rua Igarassu, Rua Afonso Albuquerque Melo and Rua Jorge Gomes de Sá. The route will be signaled with cones and 42 fixed plates, which will be installed by the end of the week. Also according to the PCR, will also be served the neighborhoods of Casa Forte, Poço da Panela and Torre which, in all, should benefit 32,9 thousand users.

With the inauguration, 31 neighborhoods will be contemplated by the three exclusive strip routes that converge on Marco Zero, in Recife Antigo. For those who come from the North Zone, the tour guarantees landscapes such as the Casa Amarela Market, passing through the Trindade Site, Jaqueira Park, State Museum, Recife City Hall, May 13 Park, Faculty of Law, Legislative Assembly, Santa Theater Isabel, Palace of the Field of the Princesses, Place of the Republic, Palace of Justice and Center of Handicraft, besides the own Marco Zero. In the South Zone, the itinerary includes Boa Viagem beach, Dona Lindu Park, Boa Viagem Beach, Santa Rita Pier and Fort of the Five Points. On the West Zone route, the cyclist can visit the Araçá Lagoon, Chora Menino Square, Central Hotel, Maciel Pinheiro Square, Boa Vista Bridge, Igreja Boa Vista.


The cycle path works on Sundays and holidays, from 7am to 4pm. The project, implemented in partnership with the Secretariat of Mobility and Urban Control and financed by Itaú, was implemented in March 2013 and is already part of the routine of the Recife.

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