Natural Bait Fishing

The natural bait fishing is everything there is more logical for the regular intake of salmonids. Dead handled fish fishing is one of the techniques that can more easily target nice size fish. Whether it is the trout, fountain salmon, Arctic char and even more the cristivomer, all love these small minnows present. This technique can be used even in Lake in the river.

Natural Bait Fishing

Choice of the Lungfish

Usually use minnows for this technique. But can be used all fish not subject to a regulatory and not harmful size in the middle. So, I like to use sometimes of small Chub for their brilliance or studs for their resistance.


The application is placed on a mount, there are dozens. Some are axial leaded, others in mind or a mixture of both. It also distinguished lead internal or external. Each will present advantages depending on the encountered environment.

The ANDREWFISHING will give a natural bait for freshwater fishing but asking swim flat will tend to grip. I find it interesting to add a slight lead (0.10 to 0.50 g) in mind for offsetting the Minnow and give him a little more erratic swimming. Plasseraud, Jauffret or vario nail mounts can be found as well. The mount standard nail is also an axial leaded but has a weight in mind. And finally the famous sculling which, because its washer, plastic can swim almost without animation. These mounts are to focus on a clear day, and when the water is too, they are guarantees of discretion and mimicry.

Ages in heads type drackovitch or vario less discrete, however to more scratching on the merits as well as to achieve faster. This can be an asset in the deep lakes or large rivers to reach the vein of current lower.

You can of course make these mounts, most are fairly simple and their cost would be greatly felt!

Fishing technique

The principle is to launch the application on the lake or calm water, ¾ upstream generally post to a drift in running water and animate using the scion by small of a sudden jerky and irregular. The goal will be to do bouncing as soon as it reached the bottom. This will give the impression of a dying prey.

The technique can seem simple in itself, but I can assure you that a good presentation of the Minnow differentiates the experienced fisherman of the lambda fisherman. If, in their intense food phase, the trout will not hesitate to travel several meters to come take your bait, they will sometimes be boudeuses and tatillonnent. This is where to learn to make them bite. That means always thinking about offering your fish of natural and delicate way. It is better to Launch upstream ¾ and come mounted on the post by positioning it at the proper depth of stupidly throw it on the head of trout (even if it is sometimes the solution).

Hardware and installation

A specific if possible cane will be used here. Length between 2 m 70 and 3 m 30 to host the best. Choose the fitting rods that will keep intact the qualities of the blank (the heart in carbon of the cane). These must be advanced but progressive shoeing and action during combat to avoid breakages or picking them up. Attention for comfort not to take too much, or too powerful for the feel.

The reel will be 1500 to 2500 with a brake before progressive effective. It will be spoolé preferably in vivid color braid and decolourizing easily in order to detect the slightest movement of wire. It will be between 10 and 14th. The main line will be completed by a long low line in preferably fluorocarbon. We’ll here from 14 to 25th following wanted fish and the environment.

Where and when fish to kneaded minnows

It is possible to use this technique in all conditions and can often make the difference to succeed opening. She finds its limits during the low water levels in rivers and on hot days on waters or rivers or fishing lures will be more effective. The best times are times when fish need to gain power quickly and effortlessly. We find so the melting of the ice in the mountain lakes, before and after sweet. Periods of flooding are as favourable as trigger feeding activity, trout took the opportunity to see the poissonnets trapped by violent currents.

This technique I hope, will allow you to capture fish records, have become almost exclusively ichthyophagous and unresponsive almost to other techniques. I wish you all the luck!