Muscle Imbalance, Would What to Do about?

The muscle decompensation they are a high risk of injury and frequently occur because of inadequate physical exercise or sport actions. A muscle imbalance is nothing more than an imbalance between the development of a particular muscle group and other.

To avoid injury and prevent a muscle imbalance will have to implement a plan of training that includes adequate, that exercises, keep in mind the following points to achieve muscular compensation.

Firstly, it is recommended to exercise progressively less developed muscle, start with charging light e gradually increasing over time.

Also, always remember compensate for muscles agonist antagonist, e.g. first exercise biceps and then make movements that involve the triceps.

On the other hand, we should try not to forget certain segments body, as in the attempt to work certain body areas that interest us more than others, produce a decompensation which can cause great discomfort. This occurs, for example, when we work assiduously abdominal and experience pain in the lumbar region.

The espcialistas recommended to work the greater amount of muscle groups and, whenever possible, separate ejerictar each side of the body, since working both sides at the same time, always overloading one more than another since all have approximately 10% more power in our dominant side. Thus, the stronger side is overloaded to collaborate with the weakest.

Even though the strength difference between right and left arm is not high, the practice continued of both arms at the same time may cause a slight imbalance.

Muscle decompensation must be taken into account, since they may be responsible for major discomfort and severe injury, therefore, must not only act when they arise but that the best way to take care of our body will be prevention through proper training.

Don’t forget to take your hand to your personal trainer, since nobody knows you than him, so it will help you with greater certainty and efficiency.