Mummy Sleeping Bag Reviews

Then come the other details, such as the nature of the tissues (outer) shell and the (inner) lining. Usually nylon or polyester, shell has sometimes been treated water repellent, and fabrics can be manufactured of an antidechirure (ripstop) frame and a film to reflect heat inwards. Lining, for its part, also of nylon or polyester, will be evaluated based on the ease to slip, its ability to evacuate moisture and its pleasant texture to the touch. The thickness of tissue, associated with the concept of money (20 d being thinner than 30 d), has an impact on the resistance and mass (weight). Besides, insulation also plays an important role in the mass, as well as the zippers. For example, a slide full length (as opposed to a three quarters) and teeth more robust (YKK No. 8 rather than no. 3) is necessarily more heavy to wear.

It must also take into account the details of clothing: a flange following the shape of the neck and shoulders is effective to avoid heat loss, but increases the weight of the bag and, in some cases, the feeling of being stuck. A weatherstripping Ridge that runs the length of the zipper is a must for a bag three seasons (it is worth noting that its volume can vary a lot from one model to another). A CAP that fits easily (in black and while your hands are inside the bag), with zippers in different forms, whether they are elastic or not, is another fundamental criterion, as the presence of a band anticoincement effective preventing the zipper to bite into the lining.

Finally, it must also consider… the price. As always, we pay for what we have. It will be to match its budget with the degree requirement of practiced activities.

Antares Therm-a-Rest HD
Type of sleeping bag Mummy, slim fit, waterproof materials
Side of temperature – 3 ° C to-9 ° C
Insulation Down + 750 with hydrophobic treatment Nikwax
Materials Shell polyester micro-ripstop 20 d with treatment water repellent, heat-reflecting lining polyester 20 d with ThermaCapture membrane
Weight 0.9 kg (regular) and 0.98 kg (long)
Volume (Tablet) n.d. (storage bag: 18 cm x 31 cm)
Price 500 530 and $ size

Special features Two straps sewn below to fix a floor mattress, bead weatherstripping, zipper full length, small collar, outside pocket for small items
Comments With the Antares bag, Therm-a-Rest is the camper… rich and demanding. Down is of good quality, fabrics are lightweight while being resistant and, to the touch, the feel is very nice. A happiness! We liked the slim fit. He must learn to move with the bag, and not in the bag. The collar is effective and, above all, space-saving. All in all, a lightweight, compact and powerful, bag that goes into the same range as the UltraLite (p. 35), of Western Mountaineering. A pleasure to lug hiking or cycling. However, it is not certain that the two back straps are long: at best, their usefulness appeared questionable to us.