Mountain Hardwear Hyper Lamina Sleeping Bag

The range HyperLamina of Mountain Hardwear offers 3 synthetic sleeping bags that are warm, lightweight, very compressible. This is the model Flame we’ll test on Our site.

3 Hyperlamina of Mountain Hardwear models

The HyperLamina is made up of 3 models: the Spark, the Flame and the Torch that is the hottest of the three. This is the intermediate model, the Flame that we will have the opportunity to test in the coming weeks.

The 3 models consist of Nylon Dobby 22D for the outdoor fabrics and Nylon Taffeta 20 d for the inner fabric. Inner length is 198 cm, circumference at the shoulder is 160 cm, 147 cm hips and 99 cm to feet level.

The synthetic filling Thermal Q allows a good compressibility of sleeping bags while having a good loft.

These sleeping bags are equipped with a central shirt with two slides. The sarcophagus shape allows to limit heat loss while having a reasonable weight.

The system HyperLamina allows obtaining very blowing bags while avoiding thermal bridges.

These synthetic bags will be perfect in wet conditions where the down would be difficult to dry. One thinks for example of treks in Iceland or Norway). The washing machine also allows easier maintenance than a down sleeping bag. We’re here at the boundary between the quality of insulation of down and the ease of drying and maintenance of a synthetic.

Test field of the Flame model Our site.