Mountain Bike Short Track Trial: to Cheer Up Close!

The coolest and most romantic story of Mountain Bike tells us that the sport was born in California in the 1970s. A group of boys from the region (now some of them are the guys who run the industry) used to go down the Marin County mountains on adapted bikes, The ‘Klunkers’. They had wider, sturdier tires filled with blackheads, smoother gear changers, drum brakes and even suspension on the front fork.

With bikes of this type, California personnel began to shape a new sport and soon afterwards came the Repack Downhill Race, which must have been the first official MTB competition and happened between 1976 and 1979 in rural San Francisco. The joke has spread all over the world and the rest is history!

Olympic Sport

In 1983 the first national MTB championship was held in the USA which further accelerated the popularity of this sport and in 1990 we had the first edition of the MTB World Championship recognized by the UCI (International Cycling Union). Just 6 years later, Mountain Bike finally became an Olympic sport being introduced at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with both male and female cross-country competition!

Today Mountain Bike is extremely popular all over the world, including here in Brazil with modalities such as cross-country Olympic, marathon and more radical modalities such as Downhill and Enduro.

The MTB Short Track

Mountain Bike events usually have routes ranging from 6 km (cross-country) to 60 km (marathon), making it difficult for athletes to follow the course. In a Short Track competition, the audience can follow the race in its entirety, bringing the crowd to the athlete and creating a much more intense and vibrant atmosphere. Because of this ease of follow-up, the Short Track test is also very good for TV viewing or real-time broadcasting.

The Shimano Fest presents since its first edition in 2010, a stage of the Latin American Circuit of Mountain Bike Short Track. This year in Sorocaba, we will have the final step with the best mountain bikers in Latin America fighting for the highest place on the podium! Isabella Lacerda Team LM / Shimano (Brazilian champion 2014), Raíza Goulão Team Soul Cycles (Pan-American Champion sub23), Ricardo Pscheidt Team Trek Shimano, Henrique Avancini Team Caloi,

The final of the Short Track will be Sunday from 9am. Schedule yourself to cheer and take the family! If you want to join the race, you should buy a good mountain bike. Have no idea? Search for