Mountain Bike Group Roraima Performs Pedal For Everyone On RR Tracks

The has been meeting for almost two years for bicycle trails in urban areas and trails in the cerrado (closed) of roraima tours at weekends.

On the weekends, the Roraima Mountain Bike Group that performs bicycle tours in Roraima. Last Saturday he held another edition of Pedal para Todos, a project designed to attract people to ride a bicycle. There were 12 cyclists who ‘fell’ on the tracks towards Aqua Mak, a well-known water park in Roraima. They are more than 35 km of pedal to the place.

The ‘start’ for the ride was in front of Embrapa, on BR-174, towards Manaus.The group moved on to Aqua Mak, passing through the place known as ‘Água Boa’. According to Elton Oliveira, one of the organizers of the group, anyone with a certain physical conditioning, can be part of the group.

– On this tour, we follow what we call the ‘acacia trail’, until arriving at the water park. To participate, it is sufficient to take care of some helmet and glove, to protect in case of fall. The project has existed for about two years and is usually done on Saturdays in the morning. The term is before noon, but there goes from each group, because it depends a lot on the group, some get more tired, others take longer to arrive.

Elton Oliveira is an administrator of the Mountain Bike Roraima group, which gathers pedal lovers in a social network.There are scheduled tours and discussed projects and new forms of interaction among members.

– People who cycle through the city, who live in the world of cycling and want to know the trails around the capital, and want to start by our group Pedal para Todos, is an opportunity to do this with accompaniment.

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