Most Effective Exercises for Belly

Buttocks, stomach and legs before many women is a problem area. While building a nice slim figure is a dense and flat stomach indispensable! The stomach is now the best and most effective? By training the abs regularly at home, without expensive equipment, anyone can get a tight and flat stomach. An overview of home exercise: the most effective AB exercises!

Training of the abdominal muscle: exercise machines

To train your abdominal muscles to get a slim, smooth and flat stomach, it is not necessary to use any fitness equipment. Simple stomach exercises that can be performed at home, even more often, more effectively!

Abdominal training: perfect abdominal exercise for a thin, flat and tight abdominals: crunch.

With the crunch you mainly work out upper abs
Very important in this work is that it is done properly and in the right way! Anyone with back pain: consulting your doctor if this work is appropriate for your back! Lie on your back and keep your hands behind your head. Came slowly with his back on the floor to about 10 cm from the ground. Came Under no circumstances far beyond the stated 10 cm with your back on the floor with a risk of back pain! This exercise can make you heavier or easier just by varying the legs on the corner.
Reverse crunch, train your lower ABS
Even in this work is a right and proper performance of great importance. Anyone with back pain: consulting your doctor if this work is good for your back! Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and your thighs perpendicular to the ground. By slowly in this position, bring your knees to your chest, hips come off the ground. Allow the knees to slowly descend back to the starting position.

Oblique abdominal exercises

  • Go to the right side with legs together and slightly bent knees.Hold your left hand behind your head. Try to slowly get up, as far as you can. In the beginning, just do a couple of times, then alternate with your left. This exercise is very silent building!
  • Lie on your back.Pull your knees toward you and then place them as wide apart as possible. Keep your hands behind your head, but somewhere in your ears. Now lift one shoulder and leaves the other shaft.Point your elbow to the opposite knee. Try repeating this a few times and shoulder change.

Abdominal exercise: Exercise for a flatter stomach

Go on knees and hands down on the ground. Keep your back as straight as possible. Take a deep breath and try to make a hollow back. Then breathe very quietly and make a rounded back. Do this exercise with great regularity.

Abdominal exercises: no burning of fat without cardio

With AB exercises to burn some fat. It is intended that you really want to lose weight in your stomach, you need to lose weight by following a diet should be firm, running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, dancing, skating and/or jogging. Watch your diet, reduce the consumption of white sugar and strong drink mineral water.

Lose weight with cardio training and adaptation of the food

Cardio exercise is excellent for stimulating fat metabolism. Customize your cardio far in combination of abdominal exercises to lose weight, then look at your food! Follow a sensible diet full of fruit and vegetables and the fibres and remove everything that contains white sugar and white flour in your diet!Then you have a real Golden combination in your hands to lose a few kilos fast!

Buikspierversteviger: Swimming

Do you have time to go to the pool? Excellent! During exercise the abdomen, buttocks and legs are a perfect swim and train spierversteviger session.

The structure of the AB exercises

Construction education. If you have a long time ago the whole exercise, and/or have made a specific movement, warms up your muscles before starting exercises a good idea. Keep an eye out for the appearance of any damages! Check with your doctor if you are afraid of being hit by injuries.

Slimmest results: train Muscles

Workout with resistance builds up slowly, provides the best, most beautiful and slimmest results.Really realize very well that for anyone who has not been trained: muscular pain can be really intense!Build everything in a very quiet operation!

Stir often and more

Beach Walking is a great exercise. Take off your shoes, running both in the water and in the loose sand! Wander in the loose sand is a tough but good exercise. There are sand dunes nearby? Dune and dune away, better training for abdomen, buttocks and legs it really isn’t!

Back pain and back problems

Anyone with back problems would be well advised to make contact with the attending doctor and/or doctors to see whether the exercises are not too burdensome for your back! Prevention is better than cure!