Most Common Mistakes by Doing Spinning

We all know the benefits of the indoor or spinning cycle, and it is that it is a highly recommended activity if what we want is to improve the health of our body, accelerate blood circulation and get a good general condition of the organism, since it helps us to improve the health of the heart, in addition to being a good form of aerobic exercise and burn calories. But when it comes to practice spinning we tend to make many errors which we must take into account and correct.

It is essential that we maintain a correct posture, already serving not only get on a bike and pedal, but that we need to do it correctly to avoid injury and discomfort arising from a bad execution of the routine. For this reason we are going to see some of the most common errors.

  • When practicing cycle indoor usually tend to maintain the abdomen relaxed, a clear mistake, since this part is a strong point of the organism that will help us keep more rhythm in pedalling, because if we use it properly we will concentrate all the force in this area and will help us to endure more. Instead of keeping all the abdomen relaxed what we must do is to contract the transverse.
  • Another common failure is throw away too When we got up the seat to pedal foot. In this posture, we rendemos to throw too much, something that makes us not to concentrate the force in the area of the legs, but that come into play other parts such as the hips and knees that can be affected by this repeated movement. It is necessary to lift us from the bike we estabilicemos hip and not botemos, they are the legs that can withstand all pull and are those that work.

< li > < strong > separate </strong > knees when pedaling is a bug that many routinely commit in the spinning, is for this reason that we must pay special attention to this bug, because that can be a very comfortable position for many, but ultimately it isn’t, since we can get a lot of damage in the area of the hips. It is important that we gather the legs as much as we can so that they are aligned with the axis of the body. < /li > < li > a posture that we usually adopt is the keep < strong > the stretched arms and sunken head </strong >. This pose is one of the most dangerous, since it makes we charge too much the entire area of the trapezium and back. It is necessary that we alleviating tensions, and to do this we should maintain high head and shoulders and arms relaxed to not focus the tensions in this area, but in the legs. The shoulders should also be stabilized, since it is the only way to avoid excessive rolling that occurs when we stand to make a sprint. < / li & gt;