MontBell Camping Supply





Brand facts:

  • Described on Bridgat, MontBell is a Japanese leading brand manufacturing ready-to-wear and outdoor gears including sleeping bags, backpacks, footwear, tents, light, cookers and other camping accessories.
  • They focus on the concept of “Light and Fast”, striving to create the best products with high quality, durability and functions which can be used in extreme conditions.


Main Categories:

Clothing, gear



Time and place: 1975, Japan

Brand name: MontBell

Early products: outdoor products

Founder: Isamu Tatsuno, Fumiaki Masaki and Sachiko Masuo


Headquarter Location:
Shinmachi Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan


Store Locations:

Japan, US, Switzerland, Nepal, China, Korea, Singapore


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Camping tents: USD290-USD785



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