Mirante do Inferno-Serra dos Órgãos National Park

Another dizzying path where to take a walk today, under the gaze of Marcelo savanna.


This script is not recommended for those who do not have experience with more intense activities. It is important to have a practice that goes beyond hiking not to have unpleasant surprises. That said, let’s get to our most beloved craft: Taming nature.

It all starts with the completion of the term of the authorization of the Park. Later, we drive to the Dam, where we parked the car and began our adventure around 8:00 h.


The most used for the Viewpoint of hell is the same that gives access to the Pedra do Sino. For those who already know, know the landscape you will find ahead.And you don’t know, you can prepare. Follow up and we made our first stop at Bridal Veil Falls. Then, pass the Paper falls, site of the old Shelter 2 and arrived atour second stop: the old shelter 3, where there is an inviting lawn for a good rest. There, we have a snack.


On the back of this place there is a beautiful gazebo where you can glimpse a scene with beautiful mountains. We stayed there for a few moments and continue to climb, now softer until the 2000 Quota. Right now, we leave the trail that follows towards the Pedra do Sino and take a left going to the Rock of the cross and then right down to the Valley of the Orchids. Soon we arrived at a lookout point, where we glimpse a mind-blowing view of the way (pause to contemplate the landscape). We continue descending until we get to the point where it probably gave the name to the path.


From this track point, the activity becomes more intense, but better, because it has more Adrenaline if you like. We crossed streams, climb rocks and finally we arrived at the Paquequer Camp, where starts the famous Paquequer River that crosses the city of Teresopolis. You can see a small clearing that serves as the basis for who will climb the Devil’s Needle (2,050 m altitude) in two days. From therewe climbed again a trail well shut until we reach a stone Block, we went up a little bit until we got to the edge of a cliff. Just get around a stone to the left and up the opposite side to be on the top of Mirante do Hell. It took us about of 4:30 walk to reach our goal.


On the day we made the adventure, the weather was a bit cloudy, we all had to stay on the lookout for a few hours in an attempt the wind took some of the clouds so we can take pictures. The view from this point is divine, with the Devil’s Needle (voted one of the most spectacular climbs of the planet) right in front of us.In addition, if you look back, after the Valley down the Paquequer, you can still see the Cross stone, Chin, Nose, Mole and Hood of the Friar in different angles. It is very comforting to hear that location also the sound of the Paquequer on one side and on the other, the superb, well after needle, following their normal courses down the mountain. Really a breathtaking visual.


We take this scenario for many photographs and, after lunch, we decided to come down, and so we walked back. This Viewpoint is between the stones Are John (2020 m) and St. Peter, and the Quota 2000.


There’s also the path of orchids, the trail opened in 1965 to facilitate access to Devil’s Needle. The excerpt is approximately one kilometer, but it’s not easy to goby the slope of the terrain, the moisture caused by several waterfalls, which more below join to form the main river of Teresópolis.


To get to the lookout, we walked about 10 kilometers, passing through one of the most interesting trails in the area, cut off by the headwaters of the Paquequer River. And for the record between the 2000 Quota and the Observatory found three forks, some obvious, some not so much, but on the way, keep to the right,and on the way back, to the left. This trail was fascinating and unforgettable. Sincerely, a day to stay forever in our minds.