Marumbi State Park

Located in the heart of the Serra do Mar in Paraná, the Marumbi State Park protects many riches of the brazilian Atlantic forest. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, is the perfect place because it offers both options of trails and waterfall baths, as climbing on beautiful Rocky walls, with various levels of difficulty. With 2340 hectares, the Park was created in 1990 and is today one of the main tourist attractions.

Access to the Park is only possible by train or on foot. For those who take the train ride already begins at the point of departure, in the city of Curitiba, where century-old railroad begins Curitiba-Paranaguá. In almost 2-hour drive down the mountain, through the Woods and going through tunnels, the Marumbi station, where is located the Park Administration. To get the foot should follow by car via BR-277, which goes by the Graciosa road, until the city of Morretes, and from there go up almost 10 km walk on dirt road. For those who have a car with four-wheel drive it is possible to decrease a little that way.

Upon arriving at the Park the first Providence is to populate the directory of visitation, which allows the Marumbi administrator track the number of visitors and their location, especially in case of accidents. This procedure has avoided accidents and guaranteed a personalized service, aiming at the preservation of the area and the safety of the visitor. To stay overnight in the Park the only option is the camping area located in the lower part, on the side of the administration.

The mountain environment of the Park is unique and can be Provide considered quite hostile. The access roads to their summits have their own features and don’t fit completely within the definitions of hiking trails and rock climbing known in countries with greatest tradition in mountaineering. Are roads that pass through a wide variety of land, showing various difficulties that must be overcome with various techniques. Therefore, we recommend that you always follow an experienced guide, preferably already know well the region. The climate is tropical and the average annual temperature is about 25° c. For hiking the best time is between April and October, when the weather is drier.

The highest point of the Park is the Olympus, also known as Marumbi peak, with an altitude of 1539 He is part of the so-called Marumbi Set, which is formed by seven peaks: Boa Vista (1500 m), giant (1487 m), Tiger (1400 m), Sphinx (1378 m) Bell Tower (1280 m), Abrolhos (1200 m) and Facãozinho (1100 m). There are five walking trails Provide access to the set and all of them are marked with plastic ribbons tied on trees, with different colors. In addition, by the administration of the park there is a map that guides visitors on the route, distance and average time of realization of each of the tracks. As the region is very rainy, we recommend that you always contact the park before you visit to learn about the conditions of the tracks at the time. Eventually they are forbidden for environmental recovery.

The Front and Northwest trails depart from Marumbi station (460 m) and reaches the Summit of Olympus (1539 m). The Walker will face a gap of about 1100 m, sloping trails well marked, that don’t climb level curve due to the characteristics of the local relief. The tracks follow most of the time, into the Woods, over roots and rocks. In certain places there is display on depths, in others the rise is only possible with the help of chains or stairs (steps) of iron fixed on rocks. Ramp time varies according to the fitness of each, being common can’t reach the Summit in time and have to start the descent, at the risk of losing the train of the revolution, the Marumbi at 4:30 pm.

For those who like to climb, the Marumbi is one of the great rock climbing centers of Brazil. The first tracks began to appear in the 40 and today the Park has more than 100 channels, with lengths ranging from 20 to 350 metres. Most local routes were won by members of the Group Cosmo-Mountain Relief Corps, a non-profit civil association founded in 1996. The group is made up of volunteer climbers have a nationally recognized work focused on accident prevention, rescue of injured, lost, maintenance and upkeep of trails and climbing routes. They act as auxiliaries to the fire department. Knowing very well the region and especially their climbing routes, the group is an important source of information for those who want to climb in the Marumbi ( It is worth contacting them!

Marumbi with Trails & Directions

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