Marc Hester Cycling

Highway: now it is clear that the Dane Marc Hester-one of the world’s top cyclists on 6-dagarslopp in the velodrom-participates in Kalmar Grand Prix on Sunday, August 5. In the Launcher are also among other Jonas Sb1967, Swedish Champion at the criterion, and Jeff F K.

Kalmar Grand Prix is a lap race, with start and finish at Alarm square in Central Kalmar. As in all city race pace is hard and you have to be both fast and tactical to win. The course is very audience-friendly and attracted many spectators at the premiere last year.
– Despite the fact that the race is as new Kalmar has Grand Prix has already become established, says Organizer Jan h.
– Kalmar competes all over Sweden’s bike elite and even the international cycling clubs are starting to open their eyes to the contest. So far, 42 cyclists notified and there are still a few names on the way in.

It’s not just honor the cyclists competing for. First prize in the Kalmar Grand Prix is 30 000 kroons, which is the highest prize money in a Swedish bicycle race. The second prize winner will receive $ 1,000 and third prize £ 500.
– The winner is honoured with a bronze plaque, designed by Kalmardesignern J Maddadi. Bronze plate is placed in the stone-paved surface in case of alarm the square where riders go in goal. In a few years, Kalmar Grand Prix having a golden finish, says Jan h.

Kalmar Grand Prix
on Sunday, August 5, at. 18.00

16.00-16.30: Give aways along the racing track
16.30-17.00: Audience warm-up along the racing track
17.00-17.30: heating for cyclists
17.30-18.00: Presentation of the cyclists
18.00-19.10: Contest
19.15: awards ceremony

If Kalmar Grand Prix
Elite bicycle race Kalmar Grand Prix is a race that goes right in the center of Kalmar. Urban race is one of the hardest forms of racing cyclists and often ends with bleeding knees or aching elbow. In Kalmar, Sweden’s elite race bike and also international cycling clubs are starting to open their eyes to the contest.