Los Glaciares National Park

Declared a world heritage site by Unesco in 1981, the Los Glaciares National Park is marked by its imposing natural beauty, designed by mountains, lakes, forests, besides lots of ice and snow. With 600,000 hectares, is located in Patagonia, Argentina, in the province of Santa Cruz, the border with Chile.


Its name is due to the huge amount of glaciers, considered the world‘s largest ice after Antarctica, occupying nearly half of the Park. Created in 1937, has 47 large glaciers and more than 200 other smaller, originated in the so-called Patagonian ice field. The most notable of them is the Perito Moreno glacier, which due toyour continuous movement produces a cyclic phenomenon that generates yourspectacular ice caves. On the site there are several walkways that serve as lookouts of the glacier. The location closest to him is El Calafate, a city that gives you access to a series of activities and infrastructure to meet the Park.

In addition to meeting the Perito Moreno by boat, you can also perform a short walk on the glacier. The walk starts in a forest where it is necessary the use of crampons to follow. The crossing lasts about 2 hours between immense ice needles, towers, cracks of Turquoise and small lakes, and its degree of difficulty is low. It is necessary, however, the accompaniment of a guide.


For lovers of hiking and climbing, the major attraction of the Park is at the other end, where the highest peaks. The most famous are the Fitz Roy, with 3,405 m, and the Cerro Torre, with 3,102 m. most renowned Climbers from all over the world feel challenged by these two beautiful mountains, whose access to the Summit is only done through very difficult climbing, mixing rock and ice. Very few Brazilians have succeeded until today achieve these ridges. However, you can perform some trekking tours and enjoy these beautiful mountains. The city that gives you access to this part of Los Glaciares is El Chaltén. In addition to the mood to walk, we need a bit of luck with the local climate, in order to see the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. One of the great difficulties for climbers that resolve to climb these mountains is just bad weather, which predominates in most of the year. It is necessary to often wait for Windows of good weather.


The Park has good infrastructure for visitors, with specific locations for camp, and more cafes and restaurants. In addition to hiking, you can make boat trips by glaciers. In addition, in the waters of the Lago Roca, 51 km from El Calafate, and the rapids of the river downs, near El Chaltén, there are alternatives to carry outsport fishing.


Another possibility that the region offers is the realization of horseback riding, between the beautiful Patagonian landscapes. Access to the Park is made by three main points: El Calafate, El Chaltén, by the Perito Moreno glacier and by large glaciers.


By plane, you can get to Buenos Aires, and from there you can proceed to the airport of El Calafate and then continue to the other points by car or bus. Another alternative is to arrive by plane to Rio Gallegos (via Buenos Aires), capital of the province of Santa Cruz, and from there follow through. You can also catch a busin Buenos Aires to Río Gallegos, and there catch regular lines to El Calafate.
Los Glaciares with Trails & Directions
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