Look Keo Blade 2 Pedals Review

Genuine ease of entry, better foot support itself located closer to the axis also reviewed in its design, pedals Look Keo Blade 2 is a successful innovation brought by the French brand!

Latest innovation in the Look Keo Blade 2 is the latest model Keo Blade Carbon which introduced the carbon blade instead of the spring. The bearing surface of stainless had meanwhile been introduced on the pedals Look Keo 2 Max Carbon.

New pedals Look Keo Blade 2 were optimized on several points: better aerodynamics, new axis line, width and greater support surface, support surface closer to the axis itself seen in its design. Three pairs of pedals have equipped our cyclists Editor who each have traveled at least 500 to 2000 kilometers.

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The Aero fashionable at Look!

I am of course referring to road bike Look 695 Aerolight. For these Keo Blade pedals 2, if we do not voluntarily discuss aerodynamics appearance in our tests, lack of tools, you still can not pass beside the new physical appearance: A wider carbon blade is now fully integrated into the body of the pedal instead of being located on the outer side. This position ensures a better aerodynamics, and the design aspect is also more pleasant.

Small finishing notes are present with a Look logo engraved on the stainless steel surface, the specific note to the Ti titanium shaft version, white and discreet lettering on the pedal. Discreet but technological, short enough to dress your bike!

Also note that this interchangeable blade is available in three hardness levels. The cyclist will have the choice between versions 12, 16 or 20 Nm influencing heaving capacity.

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Boot / heaving

Note that the shim system to fix under the bike shoes is not changed. So perfect compatibility for owners of older versions of Look pedals.

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Let’s talk about the boot! This pedal is one of the most palpable sensations: The genuine ease of entry. Less effort is required to initiate these!

Held side, our models equipped with a strip of 12 Nm, taking it off is harder than an old pair of Keo Blade Carbon , but it is only a matter of habit that the cyclist will fill quickly.

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pedaling sensations improved

More difficult certainly, but the counterparty is a much better holding of the rear part of the hold of the shoe.Indeed whether in the traction phase or maintaining pedaling thrust is palpable and offers better feel of holding the foot. Work was done to the wife hold perfectly the shape of the stop and is always in contact with it and whatever the pedaling angle.

The most important point in sensations, and to optimize the transmission of optimal power pedaling power, work in the components was carried out to reduce the height to 13mm between the bearing surface and the axis .

And the work pays off! The cyclist did better with the pedal body, it’s nice! Thus, the Keo Blade 2 is now able to compete with a SpeedPlay pedal on the plan.

Note also that a bearing surface 400mm2 to 700mm2 password. While the figure is impressive, nevertheless it will be difficult to gauge real change (For users of Keo Blade Carbon ). In short, you tell us!

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Reliable pedal over time!

The Keo Blade Carbon fished on one point: The reliability level of the axis  ! Indeed, the latter tended to take the game to the junction of the screw with the body. It was enough to generally resolve to put fat in the heart of the body or lodges axis. That is why we have judged this pair pedal on many kilometers to see if the new system put in place was effective.

The axis line is composed of two sealed ball bearings: a 12 mm inside x 18 mm outside, and a 6 mm inside x 12 mm outside, and a needle bush . In addition, now a ring metal radial spring 7 / 10th compensation is now mounted on the shaft. It resumes play. On our three pairs of pedals we have to date found no game. The rain and salt of our mountain roads do not have a short term impact.

Soyons tatillons!

The stainless steel plate aged well and fully assumes shims careless cyclists (stones, tar, …) It is nevertheless advisable to clean the holds, pedals and not to walk too to optimize the aging of your pedals, here Why :

The new carbon blade located below the pedal, the two channels located on both sides are very thin and donot allow sufficient flow flux of tiny dust. Thus, and especially in wet weather, small impurities will get stuck at this level without necessarily being visible to the user. Result some squeaks in use.

Similarly, the two cradles holding the blade lavish few squeaks. Nevertheless, enough of a little bit of Teflon spray to cancel them.

Models and prices

These are always two versions which are manufactured in France and sold. The pedal body is the same but the axis is available in Version Titanium (TI) or chromoly (CR). The weight of the pedal on the CR version is 110 grams, for IT, count 90 grams. This is possible thanks to a new selection of Online finer axis, therefore lighter and a gain on the body material of the pedal. Nevertheless, this does not in fact the lightest pedal in comparison to the competition.