Light Sleeping Bag

If you’re planning to take advantage of the summer season to unleash your passion for hiking, among the various elements that will compose your luggage will return necessarily a sleeping bag, which can be useful on several occasions.

Considering the time of year, a suggestion is to choose a summer sleeping bag very simple and rectangular in shape. The mild temperatures allow you to not talk to sacks particularly technicians. The important thing is that these bags will regulate the temperature in the first hours after sunset; This is the time of day when, despite the Sun is already lowered, the heat is stifling.

Once you get the “cold” night, simply close the zipper so you can sleep without any problem. If you do not want to buy more sleeping bags during the year, you can opt for a sleeping bag “three seasons”. It is a lot that can act as “jolly”, adapting perfectly to different occasions. In the case where the temperature is too hot it will simply open it slightly; in winter, a layer of clothing should be worn.

Even the sack “three seasons” is carried out, in most cases, rectangular in shape; It looks small and fits perfectly in any “mistreatment”. Its temperature comfort ranks among the-1 and 7 degrees. Can be safely used to spend late nights spent at the beach, or you can use for camping during the summer concerts.

It is important, of course, keep the summer sleeping bag always clean with proper maintaining tips, as excessive heat may make it wet with sweat. When the bag is not used, if it is made of synthetic material will simply remove it from your purse (or compression sack) trying to unzip it, preventing the fibers will be crushed; in this case would lose its insulating capacity. If the sleeping bag is made of feathers, instead, you will have to leave later in the day, in a dry place so that it can be kept away from moisture.

If you wish, you can also wash your sleeping bag, but you will have to choose a cleaning fluid, it might ruin it permanently. Even when they put them to dry you will need to exercise extreme caution, avoiding to spread it directly to the Sun.

To the extent you can choose, for the summer, a bivouac sack; It is a lot where you can stick a mattress and sleeping bag. It has the advantage of being very practical, being waterproof and insulation, and can be used to sleep on the ground. It’s small, very light and very fast to prepare for the night.