Lidingo Cycling Race

Our site: third edition of lidingöloppet our site was decided in an exciting Sprint battle in men’s class and a dala victory in the women’s class. Today’s winners at Indore was Matthias W and Felicia Fabregas.

Changing weather conditions in the morning, worried many cyclists, but when the elite start where the Sun went in front. In the elite class was full throttle from the first short ride.

After 6 kilometers, a group of five riders loss; Matthias W, Axel Lindh, Calle Friberg, Henrik Sparr and Fredrik Edin. They stayed together until it was 8.5 kilometers left when Henrik Sparr unfortunately went into reverse and lost time together with Calle Friberg.

In the lead it was a thrilling Sprint battle between the three cyclists who were left.Matthias W was first in on Lidingö dike and could select a track, and won the Sprint ahead of Fredrik Edin and Axel Lindh. Calle Friberg and Henrik Sparr finished in 4th and 5th, a minute later. Thus took his second victory on the Matthias W two attempts, and Fredrik Edin their second straight 2nd place. Winning time was 2:04:45 which is the new course record.

In the women’s class were young Felicia Fabregas and seasoned Asa Erlandsson long close to each other. However, Felicia determine and triumph in the women’s class.Borlänge fertile Felicia made her first lidingöloppet MTB and thought distance suited her good when she is strongest on longer distances. Åsa was also satisfied with his race, just over 1.5 minute after the goal. In third place came Ellinor Huusko five minutes after.Winning time for the ladies was 2:28:35.

“It’s been a great day for all of 1 900 cyclists who have been here and cycled. For us as an organizer, it is gratifying to see so many lovely enthusiasts in one place, says Tomas Hoszek, Secretary General of lidingöloppet.

At Indore embankment has been cycling activities from early morning. The first start was a child run over 3.5 kilometers with lots of children between 6 and 11 years. A little later was the premiere of the new distance 23 km where competition class for 11-18 years went off first.
Fastest in the youth classes were Louis Kitzberger (P17-18), Anton Niederbach (P15-16), Carl Kagevi (13-14), Filip Martens (P11-12), Ida Danielsson (F15-16), Emilia Wisting (F13-14) and Stina Kagevi (F11-12).
After the youths started jogging class at 23 kilometres.

Full results can be found on the home page

Registration for the 2016 lidingöloppet MTB opens Monday, may 25, 2015.