Lestra Alpilles Light Sleeping Bags

Following the publication of my first article on the choice of the sleeping bag (the bag (Part I)), I conducted a few adaptations that should allow me to solve virtually definitively on the subject.

The hypothesis about the temperature has been revised upward. It’s true that I already had from 0 ° overnight in this sector of the Morocco during the Trans 333 in 2009, but it was in November and not in April. In addition, when I went on this race in 2011 at the same time, the temperature is never down below 12-15°.

By digging a bit more usual temperatures at this time of year, it’s it’s more common to have a 8 or 10 degrees overnight, which significantly changes the selection criteria of the sleeping bag.

We are not immune to a colder year with conditions, but it is information that will probably be available in the week before the race which will leave time to adapt the material. And anyway I’m going to have a plan B in case where!

It must be said that at this moment of reflection, I’ll have a help of Christine, the wife of Guy with whom I’m going to do this Marathon of the sands, which propose to use the bag she had used in 2011 on the MDS

It is a bag of the brand Lestra model Alpilles Light which has a weight and volume reduced in return for a range of less temperature than my Lafuma sleeping bag but in line with the new assumptions!

This bag weighs 410 g (cover), is in 800 cuin white goose down (Lestra is known for the quality of its duvets) and once compressed is under an once-compressed format of about 10 cm in diameter and 20 cm long.

Side temperatures the Lestra is located on the same beaches that XP 500 Millet (which was the reference some years ago on the MDS) with a temperature around 8 ° comfort but with 140 g less than the Millet.

By safety, comfort and hygiene, I’ll even add a meat in silk purse. This can save a few degrees if necessary for a reasonable weight of 120 g. Leaving the bag meat in the sleeping bag, it will not significantly change the volume to be moved.

The pending question positioning in the bag back. With my Lafuma sleeping bag, the question did not arise, it was necessarily outside with straps. With this one, I can consider to put it in the backpack, which can play on taking or not the ventral part, but is discussed in the article on the choice of the bag.

To get an idea of the volume that is, this is the once-compressed Lestra and meat purse.

Plan B

It remains to a plan B in the event of inclement weather. You will know a few days before, but in fact I plan to also take the Lafuma bag in my luggage. This will give me the opportunity to change my choice until the last moment, and also to test the Lestra on-site for the first night, knowing that is the baggage that on the second day after “inspections”.

So if the weather is much cooler that scheduled during the night, I will take the Lafuma instead of the Lestra, for 540 g, more. This way I’m finally pretty low risk, the likelihood of a change radical and unexpected weather on 6 days being quite reduced.