Last Minute Tips for Cycling

Our site: A day before the start, one minute left to start, and then all the way to the finish. How do you manage your challenge from Salen to Mora.

1 day left to start
Perform the final workout in a way that you know works and not take a chance on something new miracle pass 24 hours. Although it may sound contradictory with rock hard workout the day before, you don’t need to be afraid to push for real hard. But do not overdo it. For a regular Jogger, it may be sufficient for a maximum increase in speed for a few minutes. In the short time have time it happen a lot in the body that make it ready for battle!

When the last session is completed, wash and lubricate the bike. Feel on all bolts, check that the tyres are fresh and that the chain’s all links seem to feel good. Also check out the weather will be on race day and select deck afterwards. Have at least have a couple of tires for muddy conditions, and a couple of dry before.

Put on clothes, shoes, helmet, race number and the food and drink you should take with you on the bike. When you wake up on race day, it’s nice not having to think about too much.

1 minute left to start
When you are starting the fold you should check out the quick links on the bike, so that they are stuck. Put the gear on the bike that you think is good for the start and place a finger on each brake. Sometimes occurs crashes in the start and then it is important that you are prepared and can quickly take action.

1 minute after start
Don’t rush at the start. You have all the time in the world for you to empty the forces on the road to Mora. Have a mobile eye and wind range so that you both have an eye on what is happening in the later and closest to the wheels. And you was a nice fellow players – yelling and arguing only leads to bad mood and sour faces.

1 hour into the race
If you have not started with eating and drinking, it is high time to do it now. Ideally, you should begin to fill up with fluid and energy already after 20-30 minutes. Even if you don’t start to become stiff in the back and neck, it is good that you early takes the habit to stretch the back and straighten your arms.

Keep track of the riders around you who keep the same speed as you and map out their skills. Avoid being behind the cyclists with bad track on technically difficult terrain. Also, to help keep the momentum if you run in the group, and to warn your medcyklister when the track requires it.

1 hour left to the destination
Many make the mistake of mentally go in goal before they physically reached the finish line. But then there is a great risk that they lose focus when it perhaps as most needed, i.e. when the effort is high and you’re tired. Eat, drink, switch, slow down and do whatever it takes – all the way to the finish. And have an extra eye on the weary competitors – they can quickly pose a danger.