komoot Bike navigation with smartphone app

Traveling by bicycle are currently very high in demand. No wonder, since there is always more developed bike pathsare in the most beautiful areas of our country. For a good orientation on Radreisen anytime a bicycle navigation can be used. The smartphone app komoot lends itself to this.

Bike Navigation with komoot – regionally and globally

With komoot it is possible to plan world cycling and to undertake. Because the smartphone app provides maps for every region in the world. The desired regions can be purchased for a small fee and are not limited in time. This means that they can be used repeatedly. In addition, the provider holds different packages for purchasing ready.Those who travel a lot in different regions, which should be the complete package treat, which holds all the cards in the best quality. Updates are also free and are automatically performed, so that you do not have to do this themselves.

Very nice, we also find the fact that the purchased regions are not tied to a mobile terminal. Should a new smartphone or new tablet to be used, the purchased regions can be used indefinitely even there. For only the app needs to be installed and the user has to log in with their user data.

How the bicycle App

The Bike App can be operated by voice control or 1-click Offline. While the voice commands an Internet connection is required, the manual input works without any Internet connection. This has the advantage that you can be in less developed areas by bike without having to give up a tidy navigation. Because not anywhere Internet is available.Although it is hard to imagine and to this but actually wants.

The functions of the navigation app

Several functions help ensure that each region can be easily explored. So a plan can already be created before driving. Showing this include the Road surface, the degree of difficulty, the distance and to elevation gain. In addition, useful information regarding the speed and the track are given, which one has already covered and which one has yet made. So you have while driving everything in view which can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Conclusion: komoot is a route planner for all cases – and can be used the way not only in cycling, but also while hiking to navigation!

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