Just 5 Minutes of Exercise Air Free to Feel Better

We all know that feel good is a great weapon to stay healthy, because the sensation of Wellness It is a great motivation to take care of us in the diet, exercise regularly, as well as also, distances us from stress and reduces the risk of getting sick from the heart.

We also know that green spaces are large allied health and even more, if we use these to move us. What is truly new is that with only 5 minutes of exercise in the open air we can feel better and optimize health, above all, mental level.

This fact emerges from a study that evaluated a large number of people of different ages, sex and with different States of mental health, but finally, they all received the benefits of moving to the open air, Although the most impacted positively were young and mentally ill.

It is also known that sit-ups or run in a park needless, but that from horseback riding, fishing, do gardening to perform agricultural tasks or walking can result favourable to feel well-being and influence the way health positive.

This study may be of great help to stimulate activity in the midst of green spaces, without need to assemble a gym in a park, but that with only exit and continue along a small natural place can be benefited.

Without cost some, with cleaner air and greater effect on mental health, the exercise, Although they are only 5 minutes, outdoors, it is a great ally of health.

Although medium difficult to find green and pleasant places in the city, we should all acknowledge that there are small parks which can be visited even for stroll our mascot or well, to bring children home and play along with them.