Journalist for Camp

Left in the Folha de Sao Paulo: Luiza Abc journalist and Silva ventured for the first time, in a camp. The place was the beach of Santiago, in São Sebastião (191 km from the capital – SP). The journalist, after the experiment, found that camp is not just for young people who wanted to camp out at other times.

There are many points to be highlighted in the reporter’s testimony. First, your sudden interest in the camps if it allowed and camped. That is, just know if it’s cool or not. So, in case you’ve never been camping don’t hesitate. And try. Reallythe experience of waking up in the morning and find a breathtaking view is very special. No glass, facades, heights, doors or pillars separating you from nature.When we camp, is the people and the nature, face to face. A very enriching experience and reenergizante. After some hassles but all are a matter of choice. You know, camping, you won’t find the same comfort you would have in a hotel room. And there are people who are already so used to not care anymore. On the contrary, prefers. An example: the cold shower even when the temperature of the place is not high. And, finally, the presence of Trails & Directions, of course. The thermal insulator, which according to Luiza, was fundamental to that could have a quiet night’s sleep, he’s one of our products. The thermal insulator, as the name implies, actually manages to keep the cold from the floor further away from our body. In the more Valley quite worth watching the video that Abc and Silvamade about Luiza your experience and posted along with your account. Click here to see.