Jenny Rissveds Cyclist

Our site: the feeling recurs every year, but after Saturday’s World Cup premiere in Nove Mesto has many of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place again Jenny Rissveds, Swedish Champion and columnist for Bicycling.

The season is over and I want to do anything else than to practice. Or exercise in General is fine, in the form of jogging in the woods or just a brisk walk every now and then. The swimming I do not have anything against, not the gym either for that matter. If I rephrase me and says: the season is over and I want to do anything other than that the bike train.

After season-the rest is important. Partly to get recover the body physically, but also mentally. It takes about a week of peaceful activities and refreshments before I start to crave the hard intense workouts, long runs and the tough training camps. If only I’d gone on feeling, I could get the tough uppbyggnadsträningen already in the first week of October – then my training suction strongest. Racing, on the other hand, I’m measured on a good while after the season’s final race.

There’s something about the winter training and preparations for the upcoming season. The goal is so clearly throughout the construction period. During each workout, I have focused on my goal, racing season coming. It is objective awareness and the desire to be better that makes me get up every morning and be motivated to work out several times a day during the long, dark autumn and winter. The goal is as clear, but nevertheless I feel not once to actually put the goal in practice and start competing. The craving for being challenged, measure me against myself and others, craving for that perform as well as I can on race came in years – just like all other years – not until the beginning of March. A scant three weeks before the season premiere.

For me, the feel familiar and recurring, year after year. I will possibly outgrow it, and perhaps it has to do with experience? The feeling of unease. Concerns over how I will perform during the season. How do I get in terms of earnings this year? I’ve become stronger physically? Has the competition become better? I’ve developed mentally? The feeling of uncertainty. A familiar feeling that return year after year. I have no answer to any of these questions until I have started the first race, threw me into the racing season and taken out the answers. The only thing I know is that I have to trust myself. Rely on all the work I have put in over the winter. Rest assured that all hard intense workouts, all long distance training and all the tough training camps has run its course. All the pieces of the puzzle have to fall into place, and I must also rely on my mental preparation, follow with me when the wings.

A new season has now started. I have got answers to many of the questions and concerns and uncertainty suddenly feels so far away. And I have been pleasantly surprised at what I have so far performed. Now it is just to maintain the good feeling all the way, until I cross the finish line on the season’s final race, before I again allow myself to be cycling tired and measured on the racing.

Jenny Rissveds is Swedish Champion in cross-country and sprint, and professional Swiss team Scott-Odlo. In 2015, writes Jenny chronicles in Bicycling on their everyday lives.