It Keeps The Size with The Passage of Time Practicing Yoga and Pilates

Is already well known that the size, height or stature an individual stays in growth until around age 20 and from there onwards begins a progressive decay of the same.

In other words, the process of Aging It occurs in all of us and starts to reduce the size as an inevitable consequence of this.

But beyond that it is inevitable to lose size or shrink with the passage of time, environmental factors can amortize the deterioration of stature and reduce the effect of the passage of time in our lives.

Have already commented at HowStuffWorks that Pilates improve posture by strengthening the column vertebral and, to the Yoga, avoid the bends to exercising the flexibility and the muscles of the back and the abdomen.

Our body is kept upright mainly by the muscles that make up the upper trunk, for this reason, to strengthen the abdomen and the back, Yoga and the Pilates They dampen the effects of aging on our size, allowing you to reduce the amount of inches that we lose.

Of course, the State is also fundamental for the joints, as to support the weight of the body erect limbs, the pelvis and spine must be strong and healthy.

Similar to the muscles that make up the leg, the joints and the muscles of the trunk are strengthened with the practice of physical activity reducing even the effects of the bone decalcification occurring frequently after the period of fertility both in men and women.

For this reason, the physical exercise You can greatly help to amortize the postural aging and, above all, the Pilates and Yoga to work greatly the balance, the stability and the flexibility body.

Physical activity not only contributes to internal health but also one that manifests itself with the passage of time in our body and significantly affects the quality of life of people.