It Is True That Turns Fat into Muscle and Vice Versa?

There are many myths circulating muscular development environment. Surely more than once heard that fat has the quality to turn into muscle and vice versa. Something that is a bit ridiculous, as both are different fabrics that you do not have the ability to transmute is.

It is true that muscle is obtained from a correct and suitable training to generate the desired hypertrophy. In this process the fat is not the raw material through which we have a muscular development, but it is generated from a stimulus which incites the fibers to grow and to do this it is necessary to proteins, the main component of muscle as well as the water.

The muscles in our body are formed by 75% by proteins that we get from the food and are those who are directly involved in the creation of new muscle fibers and with them in the growth of the same. The function of these is the of hold the bones and allow us to move, keep us on foot, we undertake all daily activities….

On the other hand we have to fats that are usually between 15% and 30% of our body weight, depending on sex and the physical Constitution of each individual. The function of fats is the of insulating outside against the cold, blows through it will metabolize certain fat-soluble vitamins, they are part of the cells and of most of the organs of our body…

Fat and muscle are two different elements of our body, the only relationship they have is that fats are an important source of energy in our body, and she where get muscles push to do the exercise. This is why many people associated with muscle to fat and the transformation of this muscle through exercise.

This is not so at all since the muscle is created whenever we make a correct diet and the Agency receive the proteins it needs to grow. The fat the only thing that makes is burn for energy. Yes it is true that with exercise, our body fat levels decrease and more appears the muscle because the fat fails to cover it.

If on the contrary we practice sport, our metabolism starts to slow down and burning calories will be lower, which will contribute to one higher fat accumulation. This effect makes our muscles become clogged and look like that they have become fat. This has not been as well, since they are still, but under a layer of fat.