Is It Bad to Drink Alcohol before Exercise

Drinking alcohol before a session of physical exercise is not a good habit, but what really hurts?

Let’s find out together.

Happy Hour

Even a simple cocktail something alcoholic, taken during happy hours can have a negative impact on our workout.
According to Molly Kimball, sports doctors, even a small dose of alcohol as it can destabilize us and make our precarious balance.
“Alcohol is a burden for your energy and balance and prompts you to burn fewer calories,” says Kimball, “feel strongly worn out, he is likely to make you fall and have a negative impact on your strength.”

Body Stressed

What’s more, experts point out, drink a lot of alcohol is likely to strain even the normal functioning of the organ in our body which affects the long term efficiency.
Aaron Michelfelder, professor of medicine at the Loyola University Health System in Chicago, in fact, claim that “exercise increases blood flow to the liver and kidneys, so you can find the alcohol and the effects of a hangover.”

Never drink before a show

If we’re going to make a competitive sport, should we be light-years away from alcohol.

Even a simple glass of wine can irreparably compromise the outcome of the contest.
While hilarious, and toast with friends, can be postponed to a later date, in retrospect.

Alcohol affects sleep

Alcohol can also affect our sleep-wake balance because when taken in large quantities in the evening, you can stop to rest as it should.
Especially after a hangover, REM sleep will inevitably be compromised.
The end result is that we’re going to wake up very tired, we’ll be sleepy all day, we cannot play our usual activities in the way we should and we will be tempted to eat more.
Who sleeps little, often tend to consume high-calorie foods and fat to feel more full and satisfied.

What to drink before and after exercise

Before the training, it is better to eat a little and refrain from consuming liquids may appesantirci affect our results.
During the session of the physical activity, but it is good to drink water or energy drinks can bestow elements and minerals lost during exercise.
After the workout, but we can drink water, juice or other low-calorie drinks, such as tea.