Invasion of Asian Carp

You think it is science fiction or even the title of the last Hollywood movie? Hey well not at all! Flying carp are an invasive species that is conquering the American freshwater and threatens biodiversity.

The flying carp in the spectacular fish!

ARTE broadcasts, at the moment, a dramatic story on the invasion of the flying carp. This report shows the colonization of the North American freshwater by these famous carp.

This report shows the problem of the introduction of this species by non-native man of North American freshwater. It also shows how these flying carp threaten the balance of the aquatic environment of the great lakes located between the United States and the Canada.

But there are also solutions some of which are very surprising. Some researchers are testing non-standard solutions to combat them. A very interesting documentary if you are a nature lover!

Here is an overview of the report broadcast on ARTE entitled “the flying carp invasion”:

Flying carp, what kind of fish?

The image of the exocet (flying fish), there is a kind of flying carp. Flying carp is a distinct species of common carp that we have in Europe.

Flying carp is a herbivorous species that comes from Asia. It’s also commonly called carp silver for the color of its scales.

Flying carp owes its name to the jumps out of the water it regularly.

These jumps are made as soon as the CARP feel a danger nearby. To avoid this danger, she jumps out of the water. By observing, there is the impression that she can fly. Where his unusual name.

A carp jumping out of water usually train with hundreds of other carp. This phenomenon is dramatic and even dangerous for people near areas of these carp jumps.

Flying carp were introduced in North America for its ability to clean the ponds of invasive aquatic plants.

Because of many floods, flying carp was able to reach the rivers of freshwater from the Mississippi River. Since then, it goes back the rivers to the North soon to reach the Great Lakes, which straddle the Canada and the United States.

For these countries, the invasion of the carp is a very current fishing concern.