International Cycling Championship

Our site: for the first time since 1999, it’s time for an international cycling Championship in Sweden and the organizers promise a real party! Over 30 Nations fight for medals and many of the skaters fight also, if his country’s Olympic sites so it’ll be a tough fight! Join in the blog and learn more about what to expect here!

Tell us a little more about the actual event!
“It is the first time since 1999 that it organized an international cycling Championship (lvg or mtb) in Sweden so just it, we are very pleased, it’s gonna be a party!

Over 30 Nations fight for medals and in that it is an Olympic year, you can expect that many of the athletes vying for his country’s Olympic sites for EM. This applies of course also our Swedish racers. Should be fun to see Lacson, Rissveds, W, J, Fabian, Linde, Easterling and others. at home against the top skaters.

If you look at the top 10 skaters in the world for both men and women, so is Europe well represented, as it is the world we’re talking about. It will run the relay, sprint (XCE) and “ordinary” cross-country (XCO) during the four days.

In XCO are the classes junior, U23 and elite classes. We should also have separate competitions for youngsters and Veterans during the week as you can see in the program, more if it comes within a week or two.

What are we going to go on in the blog?
“We thought to take you a little behind the scenes, how it came to pass that EURO landed in Huskvarna, how we have worked and will work in the future; everything from courses, sponsor work into race management and more.

Of course, such a happening right now and maybe the occasional exclusive news of course. On EM-the pages are in English or French language policy concerning bicycle so will be nice to write off a bit on Swedish also.

Who are you who write the blog?
– There will be several who contributes to the blog basically is it we who work with communication around EM, Calle Andersson, Henrik Severed and Tobias Dahlberg and competition General Erik Abrahamsson. Maybe one or two more guest appearances from organization also to give you a slightly different perspective on the event.

What are the snow conditions like down in Jönköping today? How is it possible to cycle along the intended path and the surrounding area?
– In addition to a hearty cold spell with a lot of snow in January, it is mainly the artificial snow that had fallen on Huskvarnaberget. Now it has been lukewarm and rained so even artificial snow is on its last legs. But otherwise, it is like a normal early spring day – muddy. Of course we will give you some updates about it and a little bit more about the path to come!

There is the opportunity for anyone to get down and provcykla course in the spring?
– The track has been marked since August 2015 and we expect a lot of cyclists during the spring of course. If we get resubmit with a greeting, it’s that you should keep in mind is to stay on the marked mountain bike trails and not to be given out in the reserve or at the lighted tracks. During competition week in may, it is of course known as official training as only national teams to practice on the courses when it does not suit up for the test drive.