Important Safety Tips for Cycling

In the case of arriving in a big city it is good to be in the morning, even if it seems silly, dangerous people have a habit of waking up late. It is also a good idea to have a secure contact and notify us of our arrival.

If you can not get there early, rest assured; Try putting up your tent or ask for aulgns Kilometers (30 Km) from the city and wait until the next day. In towns or cities where we do not have contacts, it is always advisable to ask the firefighters or the police for lodging. Surely they will help you.

When we are going to cross risky areas, keep your family and friends informed of what you are going to do, where and how long you will be left unmanageable, and always consult local people.

Ask for the cell number of the contact you made in the last village you crossed. So you will always have someone who knows the place and the customs.

Observe the customs of the place; If in their homes they have bars, if they lock their bicycles, etc. Details…; In which case you have to take a higher level of precautions.

Always carry a good quality chain and padlock in your load. For the case of leaving the bike (always unloaded) on the street, look for a place crossed by pedestrians; Better yet, in front of some bar or shop.

We do not like to use motorized cars or ask for a ride, so we prefer the bike as our only transportation. But using common sense and knowing the speed that we can achieve on a loaded bike (which is about 20 km aprox.), Do not hesitate to ask for help to whoever can when your physical integrity is in danger.

In case of setting up a tent in an unsafe area, it is always better at the beginning of the night and quickly; So you will not have to use headlights. And before dawn is ready to go on.

It is a good idea to ask for a place for the tent in the farms or huts.

Cover food tightly, otherwise animals can find the team or you.

Respect for money, it is always better to take little cash in your pocket, away from your wallet; To deliver this and not lose everything. If you are the target of violence, you should never resist; Stay calm and do not hesitate to give everything you ask for. Your life comes first.

These are some of the safety cycling measurements you should take, but remember that your common sense and being aware of some details can save you at a bad time.

Solo cycling is triumphant, but it has risks … (although life itself is a risk).