Ilha Grande

Situated on the South coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the big island, famous for the prison that worked for many years in their land, is not only big but beautiful too. Even with portions of native Atlantic forest, has more than 100 beaches, rivers, waterfalls and mountains, as well as villages and easy access by daily ferrythat leaves both of Mangalore as Angra dos Reis, arriving at the village of Abraham, a sort of capital of the island.


In early February, was signed a law with the aim of consolidating the Ilha GrandeState Park, doubling the area of the Park. Now the new limits of this conservation unit shall occupy 62.5% of the total area of the island, safeguarding havens like the beach of Lopes Mendes, considered by international agencies of tourism as one of the most beautiful in the world. Adding to the new boundary of the Park to the other two existing protected areas (biological reserve of South Beach and marine State Park Adventurer), the island is 87% of its protected area.

Other action to be implemented in order to protect the site‘s visitors access control. The number of tourists visiting the island has increased considerably over the years, extrapolating the ability. Still no limit of people per day, but the State Department of the environment of Rio de Janeiro has created a working group that should define, by mid-2007, the maximum number of people that can enter the site. In addition, there is talk in the future, charge a fee to access environmental preservation or permanence, as today is practiced in Fernando de Noronha. But there’s nothing definite yet. The idea is to establish a plan for the main beaches of the island, to avoid the degradation caused by overcrowding. The pilot will be made in the Adventurer, located within the limits of the biological reserve ofSouth Beach. In December 2006 a term of commitment was signed establishingthe load capacity of the beach, according to studies of Feema. Will be issued a pass on the Mainland for those who want to go to the Adventurer. The documentwill contain the ID of the tourist and your origin, period of stay, destination camping, boat driver and a bar code. The limitation of visitors on this beach was established on 560 people a day and 18 areas of camps, at most, to keep the environmental preservation of the place. These measures aim to protect this natural haven and important genetic Bank of species of wild fauna and flora of the Atlantic forest.


The island’s vegetation is composed by large tree species, mangrove formationsand restinga, plus relevant archaeological sites. For this reason it is of utmost importance to the preservation of this heritage. Hostels, camping areas, hiking trails, good sites for diving, rivers, beaches and quiet coves on the other hand, in contrast with the side facing the ocean, strong and with excellent waves for surfingetc.


These are just some of the attractions of this island that has 187 km2 and 155 km of coastline. Located halfway between the two main cities of the country, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, is a place easy to reach, but hard is out …
Main scripts Abraham the village of Abraham is considered the capital of the island, where you will find the best infrastructure of the place and the main port. That’s where the ferries arrive from Angra dos Reis and Mangaratiba. Is the starting point to meet the big island. Has many hostels and camping areas.
Abraãozinho – small and transparent and calm waters, the beach is well sheltered from winds and has a wonderful visual. To get to her just a few minutes walk light, from Abraham.
Black Beachabout 10 minutes of walk from the Village of Abraham, the Black Beach has calm waters, dark sand (as its name says) and has the ruins of the Lazaretto, old prison that served as a quarantine for travellers in the early 19th century.It was built to House travelers and immigrants from countries ravaged by cholera. During the Decade of 30 worked as prison and in the 50 was imploded. Also visit the arqueduto Valley which supplied the Lazaretto.
Palmas-the Big beach of palms or palms beach as it is better known, is named for the large number of coconut trees drooping all over your edge. Is highly sought after by those who enjoy camping and is a mandatory passage to those who come from Abraham for track following to Lei or to the lighthouse of the Castilians.
LeiConsidered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Lei has fine white sands and a visual that lets anyone fascinated. With a large expanse of sand and choppy waters (is the first beach facing the sea), the site attracts many surfers.Your access can be done by trail, starting from Abraham, on a hike which lasts from two to semi-heavy industry 4 hours, depending on the mood of the adventurer.
Two riverswhere hosted for many years the prison of Ilha Grande (today only ruins), has that name because it has a river on each side of the beach. With beautythat enchants visitors, the Vila Dois Rios is a cosy fishing village. A road of Abraham gives access to the beach.
Cachadaçofor many it is the most beautiful beach of Ilha Grande, or Brazil‘s. Is hidden on the coast, between the rocks and the Atlantic forest, and a whole incredible beauty and exuberance. Starting from two rivers, you can access it by trailwithin 1 hour.
Parnaioca Beachbeautiful landscape with a river which flows into the sea, the site was once an important town in the colony Brazil, due to the cultivation of coffee. Past your Prime, the small village saw the exit of its residents into a village. The trail access can be made out of two rivers, hike of about 3 hours.
Adventurerbeautiful beach landscape, located on the side of the island facing the open sea, is highly sought after by tourists, mainly for camping. Will be the first location of the island with restricted visitors.
Gruta do Acaiá the cave hides in your interior a spectacle of light and colour unmatched! To attend, you must, however, be available and a bit of courage to enter the cave, because your input is tight and is in a hole in the ground. But theeffort is rewarded by the unparalleled beauty of sunlight that arrives by sea water invading the cave, forming a small lake of light.
Blue Lagoonoriginally called South Beach, blue lagoon has visual and remember the beautiful place where it was staged the famous movie Blue Lagoon. Is one of the most sought after locations of the island, especially for those who enjoydiving.
Parish of Sant Ana ´is located to the North of the island, around the island of Monkeys, near the Inlet of the Stars. It was the first village of the big island, where they formed the first nucleus of settlement. Nowadays, the parish of Sant Ana ´ is a quiet place, region that excels by gentleness and simplicity.
Big Island with Trails & Directions
Due to the various options of short walks on the island, we recommend to placea small and versatile backpack for carrying accessories. The Trails have some options, Directions & as mochilaAnaton 18, which features anatomical format and space for flexible canteen. It has two side pockets on the screen where you entertwo additional bottles for hydration and a front pocket with internal compartments for mobile phone, pens, etc.
Another alternative is the Crampon 15 backpack, perfect for short walks. Has side pockets, screen adjustments, ventilated back, barrigueira and pectoral stabilizers, compartment for canteen and clip to output flexible hydration hose and flushraincoat.
The hydration issue must be looked at carefully in any physical activity. The Trailhas several options of Courses & canteens, Canteen Hidrat 2, comprising Flexible two liters of water and is adaptable to various models of bags. The water outlet is made by a hose that connected to the canteen reaches the mouth of the user and allows him to drink even in motion.

Rainfall in regions of Atlantic forest are always common, especially in the summer. To protect them, a tip is the Anorak Storm Shelter, which has resistance to 10,000 mm waterproofing water column and sealed seams. It also has built-in hoodin collar, with the ventilation system that prevents condensation and made in breathable fabric. It is fully lined, comes with double zipper and Pocket turns yourpackaging for transport.

And for those who are going camping, a good option is the Bivak Aluminum tent. It accommodates a comfortably, with your personal baggage, and has only 1.7Kg! For two people the best alternative is Quota 2 tent, which weighs 3.3 Kg with your new model igloo format has two entries and frames marked with color system to facilitate mounting. We recommend also the Feather dormirMicro bag, which has only 1 kg. And to the thermal insulation, a good alternative is the insulation Matratze Light, it weighs only 300 g and features an aluminized face which must be placed in contact with the body, increasing the thermal protection.