Ilha do Cardoso

Located on the South coast of São Paulo State, on the border with the State of Paraná, the Parque Estadual da Ilha do Cardoso protects a rich vegetation of the Atlantic forest and high degree of biological diversity. The location, stronghold of the Gatorschatyellow, has several trails that cross the island and still offers visitors activities such as diving and surfing. In addition, you can make tracks by mangroves and go up the Hill of souls.


With an area of 140 km2, being 90% covered with Atlantic rain forest, the island also has rocky shores in your landscape, as well as restinga and mangroves. The island has two well-defined faces: the ocean-side, with clear water, beaches of strong waves, beaches with rocky shores and dense Atlantic vegetation that, in some stretches, comes very close to the sea; and the inner side, with a predominant vegetation of mangroves, nearly glued to the Mainland, only bordered by several channels. On the island there are no vehicles, so the access to the beaches is only possible on foot, through the trails.

The Park is part of the Estuarine Lagoon Complex of Cananéia-IguapeParanagua, which extends along the coast from Peruíbe (SP) to Paranaguá (PR). Is considered one of the greatest breeding grounds for marine species in the South Atlantic, being your conservation a priority.


The rich biodiversity is easily perceived in your landscape or in contact with the animals. Tall trees such as Cedars and jequitibás, with more than 50 m high, are among bromeliads and more than 400 catalogued birds. Species such as cormorants, Cape Gannets, puffins purple-faced, frigates and many others also reside in this paradise. One of the larger animals are the howler monkeys and the monocarvoeiro, small deer, Otter and, at sea, five species of sea turtles and the friendlygray porpoise, which usually appear in Trapandé Bay (between Canaanite and the Ilha do Cardoso), doing aquatic acrobatics to get the attention of visitors.


In addition to great environmental importance, highlight your historical significance, since the site has numerous Shell mounds (archaeological sites), the remains of human occupation of the colonial period and a landmark of the Treaty of Tordesillas.
To get to the Ilha do Cardoso must go to the city of Cananéia, 272 km from São Paulo, by Régis Bittencourt Highway (BR116). There are the boats on Mondays,Wednesdays and Thursdays. The course lasts 3 hours and arrives in the Village of Maruja, considered the capital of the island. To stay, there are options of Inns,at the residence of villagers of place or camp. The island has some communitiescaiçaras, made up of fishermen, who currently have tourism as a substantial source of income. Another alternative for those who will stay on the island is the core Perequê, the operational base of the Park, where there is an accommodation to 85 people willing to adventures and little comfort.


For your peace of mind, the Ilha do Cardoso is the ideal place for a good rest orretreat. The beach of Kayan, between Small Bellows and Camboriu, is the ideal place for that. And for those who like a waterfall, are available to the Large Waterfall, Cambriú, Serra and Ipanema.
Suggestions for scripts:
Trail to the waterfall Ipanema Are 13 km walk of easy access. The tour begins near the village of Marujá and has as destination the waterfall Ipanema, inside theAtlantic forest. Along the way, you can see small dunes (2 meters tall).
The Poço das Antasthe coastal plain, the river Perequê and part of the forest that covers the slopes of the hills, are the attractions of this easy walk trail which has 2.5 km long, travelled very smooth in 3 and a half hours (roundtrip). Otters, tortoises and alligatorschatyellow are part of the script.
Trail of the Hill of souls easy to walk and with 2 km extension, this trail takes the visitor to understand how vegetation will changing as you walk down the coastal plain towards the slopes of the Serra do Mar. The bromeliads, of which 41 species are already catalogued in the Park, are some of the attractions of this trail that the visitor takes about 3 hours to complete.
Mangrove trail called nurseries of the oceans, the mangroves are very special environments where the mixture of the sweet waters of the rivers and the sea. This is the landscape that the visitor observes traversing 700 meters, medium difficulty, which follow the course of the river Perequê beach of Pereirinha, where you can take a nice swim.
Sambaqui and rocky shore trailAn Archaeological adventure in which you find bone fragments, shells and other objects thousands of years old, is the attractionof this journey that takes the visitor to the Shell mounds (archaeological sites) in the middle of the Woods. Average difficulty, the trail traverses the interior hillside forest and rocky shores. 1 hour and a half is the time required to travel the 1 km ride.
Trilha da Ilha do Cardoso until CananéiaFollowing North, Marujá follows up Cananéia. This walk should not be made by beginners because it requires physical preparation and two days for beaches, trails of the Atlantic forest and rocky shores. It is recommended that the company of a guide or native.
Good Shelter Island 1 hour by boat or 20 minutes by speedboat, it is possible to reach the island, ideal for diving. There one can observe a great variety of fish.In the center of the island are ruins of an ancient furnace used for rendering whale oil.
Fig Island – this is the best diving spot in the region. It is common to find peoplepracticing the spear fishing. The visibility of the water reaches up to 10 m depthand it is possible to catch turtles and Manta Rays swimming around there.
Ilha do Cardoso with Trails & Directions
An important accessory in Ilha do Cardoso, who won’t be in the luggage, is a backpack that has size versatile enough to be used in the daily walks. A good suggestion is the Crampon 38, which has front pocket and bottom access, plus side pockets for water bottles and smaller barrigueira the little pocket for small things.Another good option for short walks is the Acqua, Fanny Pack light with support for two clutches of water and inside pocket for documents.
It walks on the beach, with lots of sunshine, it is essential to take care of hydration. The Trail has several options of Courses & canteens, Canteen Hidrat 2, comprising Flexible two liters of water and is adaptable to various models of bags. The water outlet is made by a hose that connected to the canteen, reaches the mouth of the user and allows him to drink even in motion.
Another interesting accessory to be taken is the Waterproof Pouch Coghlan‘s. Great for protecting documents, money, camera, maps, matches or any object thatshould stay away from the water. Made of resistant PVC, has unique system andclosings still comes with a nylon okay. Should not be used in scuba diving.
To handle the unexpected winds, we suggest the windbreak Minuano, which is very light and compact and essential to always have in the back of the Pack. Another good option is the clothing shirt Tracks Pro, which can be used alone or in conjunction with coats. Revolutionary fabric is made, which decreases the points in contact with the skin by micro-almofadas.